February 17, 2010

To do's for building project subsites

A brief list of things that will need to be done to build project-highlighting websites.

1) Identify all publications and people associated with a project.

These will need to be tagged somehow (Drupal's taxonomy?) so they can be distinguished from other web materials. In this sense, then Views would be built to display this information and the view would be a member of the subsite


Each individual node can be edited to be a member of a given subsite

2) Gather photos to be used to populate the project website (subsite)

Can use Link Image Field to allow these images to direct to a new URL. Forest example, the main project homepage could consist of minimal text and images. When the user clicks on an image - which represents a subtheme of the project - they will be directed to the main page for that subtheme.

This would require (at least) these modules

3. Find a theme to use for the subsite. This will describe the look and feel of the website.

4. much much more.

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Highlighting research at the Biological Station.

One of my goals is to help the Biological Station greatly improve how it highlights the many research projects that take place here. For the smaller projects, I foresee a single webpage that highlights the PI(s), associated researchers, a project overview and directs users to associated research sites and publications.

In some cases, several projects at the Station fit together and display the manner in which the Station and its researchers are making contributions to entire swaths of the environmental sciences. To do this fact justice, it will be necessary to create a distinct website that unites these projects.

One of my upcoming projects will be to unite the forest ecosystem research that goes on at UMBS under one website. This website will actually be a subsite of the main data website in terms of the URL but will be unique in most regards.

This is the initial site map as drawn up by Luke Nave:

leaf graphic

(Click for the fullsize image)

And here are some notes to accompany:

Tier 1 page (homepage) publishes the study site overview, a pretty pic or two, and a side bar of links to all the tier 2 pages (individual project pages plus biodiversity, search & for educators pages)

Tier 2 pages for the individual projects publish project overviews: what each project is studying, why, how it is relevant and important to society. Also, props to funding agency, news and notes to describe recent work & progress, and contact info for each project.

Each tier 2 project page has a sidebar of links to its tier 3 pages, which include personnel bios, methods/instrumentation, recruitment opportunities, pdfs of papers and presentations

We’ll have to figure out how to use this site to link to your work on cataloged project data

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