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November 15, 2007

Illumination and Medicine

I recently came across the Lumitex Medical Device Inc. website. Lumitex is a company that creates medical devices that utilize illumination technology. The website claims that the devices "help treat jaundice in infants, help surgeons better visualize deep surgical cavities, and provide ambient lighting in surgical equipment and suites." Assuming these claims are true, it is safe to say that illumination technology has had a positive impact on the medical field.

In our brief discussion in class on illumination, we mentioned how illumination extends us. Artistic extension was payed special attention too. I believe that we can also include medical illumination as an extension. It extends our line of sight and our knowledge of the human body. It gives us the ability to treat problems in an illuminated state. In addition, surgery and other medical procedures can be viewed as artforms. The artists are physicians who hone their talents and express the desire of curing their patients through their art. To me, this act seems akin to a sculture who practices his artform and expresses his desires/ideas in his sculptures. Thus, medicine is art. Doctor is artist. Medical illumination is extension.

Posted by leslieph at November 15, 2007 08:22 PM


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