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November 13, 2007

Impact Survey

How has technology influenced your behavior, decisions, choices and/or thinking today?

Dustin: 1. He got a call from an old friend on his cell phone today. They exchanged e-mail addresses and promised to stay connected. 2. He decided to play video games instead of study for him ME exam.

Ahmed: 1. He was able to speak with his family in Egypt over a webcam. After discussing it with his Mom, he decided to return home over Holiday Break. 2. He decided to major in Mechanical Engineering because of the amazing increase in technology seen in recent years. He went to class today, so this impacted him. 3. He went to his job at a biology lab, which relies on technology to operate.

Veronica: She was able to buy a power bar at the Mujo.

Dan: 1. He had to change his route today to get to work, because he had to get his anti-lock breaks fixed. 2. The bomb scare on campus influenced him to skip class.

Ariana: "Technology runs my life." She is never without her cellphone, laptop, and ipod. Her laptop contains her schedule and appointments; without it she says that she would be lost.

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