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November 13, 2007

Media Videos

For me, the most striking and unifying feature of the media videos was the subconscious influence of the media. Probably due to the Impact Survey I previously gave to people on North Campus, this aspect of the media was especially noticeable. None of the people I surveyed mentioned the influence advertising, news, television or movies had on the way they thought today. I assume this was because they did not know that the media had a subconscious influence on everything they did today.

The way the media portrays information and ideas is often unreliable, stereotyped, and unchecked. As the videos suggest, the media encourages violence, hypermasculinity, stereotyping women and Arabs, and the the idea that there is a "perfect" look. Little did my surveyees know, these portrayls shapes their everyday lives.

On another note, the video that discusses the news media brings to light the poor quality of information we receive. Personally, I get my news from the New York Times (print version) and National Public Radio. I admit, that these articles and stories often lean left, and they often shape my opinion on key issues. But the nice thing about reading a paper is that I can skip over the celebrity stuff and "weak journalism." I can focus my attention on world/national events, new research, etc. I do realize that few people actually take the time to read the paper or listen to "hard news." I think internet alternatives might help distribute more information. The question is whether or not this will be reliable and diverse news.

The overarching problem in all media is that there are too few individuals controlling it. Since they often shape our ideas and view of the world, I think that is important more people have a say in what we see. The internet might also resolve this issue, because it gives more people the ability to broadcast their ideas. Though filtering information and checking sources will be even more important when dealing with this information. I for one, am already overwhelmed with the amount of media and ideas available. But I still think that increasing the flow of ideas from multiple sources will have positive outcomes. Ideas=Progress.

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