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February 26, 2006

First Entry

Am starting this blog in the Windy City. Travelled here by train from Ann Arbor. If you're going to travel in the US by train it really matters that you reserve your ticket in advance. Prices from Ann Arbor to Chicago cost $26 initially but as demand rises so does price and I ended up paying $46 for the trip. It goes even higher as demand rises.

Staying in Club Quarters, a hotel that I got on for $80 a night. It's situated in The Loop. Went to the John Hancock observation tower yesterday and to the Museum of contemporary art Look out for the big baby and the small Hitler exhibits in this museum.

What I found out today, though, was that you can get a City Pass book of tickets for around $50 which gives entry to The Art Institute of Chicago, the Shedd Acquarium, the Planetarium, the Field Museum (though you have to pay extra for the Pompeii exhibition), the Museum of Science and Industry and the Hancock Observatory.

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