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March 05, 2006

Janis Ian

Went to see Janis Ian in concert tonight at The Ark. This was the third night of the current tour and she was good-humoured and interacted well with the audience. Sang a good mixture of old and new. Here Comes the Night" and "Between the Lines" were great. "At Seventeen" was also great - sounded like it was written only yesterday and sung with the same conviction even though it is more than 30 years old. Only gripe with the evening was that it was way too short (about 1.5 hours) and songs like "Jesse", "In the Winter" and "Stars" didn't feature.

She did tell a good story about being at a folk festival in Ireland when she overheard two women debating in the portaloos whether she would sing her biggest hit or not. Her take off of a northern Irish accent wasn't bad!

Posted by sdelaney at March 5, 2006 09:43 PM


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