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October 22, 2012

Social/Collaborative Learning and MOOCs

Elliott did one of his dump/rants just before lunch.

The graphic I sen to folks at work was what he used as his presentation template. Some really interesting insights from him. Here they go...

- Social and collaborative learning are not the same thing, they are strange cousins of each other. He said that "people learn together when they feel the need to do so"...again, this hits on the build it and they won't come type of thought process. People will learn socially and collaboratively, but only if they feel the need to do so. We can't really force people into it.

- "People need content from the organization, but they also need context and field truth." Content is the physical content...context is supplied by the instructor (or the instruction) and field truth comes from peers. Learners need the ability to learn from other learners...this will supply the field truth.

- Learners will maximize their learning by having the opportunity to teach someone else

Question about this last point...
- Is there some way that we can leverage this in our organization? What if we taught classes and then gave the participants the ability to teach snippets of what they learned to others. We could make use of cTools to capture these little snippets of learning. How about we then post them out there (for free) for people at the U to read. People will learn from them...the participants will also have their learning solidified and validated by doing this small amount of teaching. We would also have some free marketing for the class the attendee went to along with content that we can then mine and cycle back to the classes to make them better.

- this concept interested me. I am going to go to a session this afternoon about it. Basically, it is a giant open class that anyone can attend and anyone can contribute to.

I also think of this in terms of what we are doing. What if we offered a MOOC about competencies. Nothing specific, but more of a general knowledge session about competencies..what they are...etc. We also introduce the concept of organizational competencies (even our own). We encourage participation and even ask people about the University culture and what competencies would work. This could be some foundation work for a project to re-look at the Org competencies. It would also engage people in what competencies are...we would create some champions of competencies and even some change agents.

I think this is worth looking at.

Posted by rasober at October 22, 2012 01:02 PM


I love love love the content, context and field truth concept. Since I've gotten into this field lo those many years ago, I struggled with the idea of designing by the students 'cause if you don't know you don't know what you don't know. But putting it into these three categories allows room for not only the learner to bring content, but for the instructor's role of clarifying, context making and additional content....all then field tested...by everyone I would hope. Learning all around.

Posted by: orlowski at October 22, 2012 01:46 PM

I've seen a lot of info on MOOC's on Scoop.it! Check out and/or follow Susan Bainbridge's topics on Scoop.it found here: http://www.scoop.it/t/connectivism. Seems MOOCs are a fairly new concept...within the last year or so...

MOOCs – the educational technology ‘du jour’
Posted on October 15, 2012
MOOCs, Massively Online Open Courses

"The idea of the MOOC has come to prominence in the last year or so. The idea is that courses can exist online provided by organisations such as universities or profit making bodies and students from across the world can sign up and take these courses. They courses aren’t constrained by the physical size of the classroom buildings. Some offer badges for completion. " - Liz Bennett (Scoop.it)

Posted by: robner at October 22, 2012 02:39 PM

One more thing...would we consider Grovo.com a MOOC? (btw Debo...a little birdy told me that LT would like to see more use of Prezi...! Grovo.com offers training for free.)

Posted by: robner at October 22, 2012 02:42 PM

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