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February 15, 2007

CANAMERICA GLOBAL reports increase in sales


"Prescription Drug Imports up 34% in January 2007"

By: Timothy Perterson, CANAMERICA Global February 8, 2007


Jeremy Chaney, preseident of CANAMERICA Global, reports increase sales of drugs to the U.S. CANAMERICA is a Canadian pharmacy that has been permitted to import drugs internationally. "CanAmerica Drugs.com (www.canamericadrugs.com) has a perfect BBB rating, and is heading into it’s sixth year of providing safe, effective, and affordable medications to the American public." It is one of only 20 pharmaciess in Canada that has ISP license to provide international pharmaceutical services (ISP) by mail. The company endorses the Pharmaceutical Market Access and Drug Safety Act and welcomes inspection by the FDA . HOwever, Chamey warns that ordering through the company may not save much on prescription drugs. He also mentions that the wholesalers' supply to a Canadian company may not be sufficient to supply the U.S. consumer market for a long length of time.

Implication with Pharmacy:

CANAMERICAdrugs.com was quoted to be "the world’s largest network of mail-order pharmacies." The article also stated an increase in younger consumers (not the elderly). This is an important move that shows patients are becoming more aware of their prescription drug costs. With a large company like CANAMERICAdrugs.com, safety of the drugs has been assured by the Canadian government, which probably would be a reason why more consumers are trusting to use their online pharmacy. However even Mr. Chamey, the president, stated with increase in drugs imported, the costs to patients may not be mch cheaper than if we were to directly buy here in the U.S. The Pharmaceutical Market Access Act sounds like a better alternative to patients who are paying high costs, but again, the patients need to be better consumers and compare rather than just assume drugs imported through mail-order will save them more money.

Inspection by the FDA of these online pharmacies will put more consumers at ease. The problem lies in even Mr. Chamey stating that there wouldn't be significant savings for patients with mail-order pharmacies with large, bulky order. Retail pharmacies may not be too affected, yet, because of the personal contact pharmacists gives. With the little savings, the convenience of mail-orders may lie in our busy society and having prescription drugs delivered to your door. Where would patient care/counseling reside when drugs are delivered straight to our doorsteps?

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February 03, 2007

Fake Drugs, Poison drugs...


"Fake drugs and false pride: Congress and Presctiption Drug Importation"

Lewisville, Texas. February 1, 2007

Techbytes published by IPI Center for Technology Freedome of Institute for Policy Innovation


This article brings up the subject of increasing drug importation (mail-order) from Canada, specifically. The author brings up the notion that many Americans beleive the Canadian safety, efficacy, and purity regulations on their drugs are almost equivalent to the US system. "..this amendment is narrowly focused on Canada because we are talking about a system that is very similar, almost exactly the same in terms of the safety and the rigorous oversight.? Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.)." However, there have been new safety concerns from Canadians themselves about the safety of their drugs. In addition, there are concerns legitimacy of Canadian Internet pharmacies, whether it would be counterfeits or even poisoned pills. They raise the question of terroism to kill Americans by sending cyanide or anthrax to those that buy their medications from outside of our tightly regulated systems.

Implication with pharmacy

This is just a continum of the Pharmaceutical Market Access Act (in my previous blog). I find it interesting that Senator Debbie Stabenow was mentioned because I remember some of her topics during the election was for prescription drugs. Looking at a person who is on many medications per month, the legislation seems practically because we, as Americans, are paying the most for our prescription worldwide. However if we view this from a pharmacy professional point of view, the author does bring up important points to cover of safety and efficacy of these cheaper drugs. It is true that we view Canada as an equal, in terms of developed country, and their regulation for drug safety would be almost equivalent to ours. With mail- order and internet pharmacies, how do we know which pharmacy is going to provide the correct medication and which pharmacy are going to be sending out phony/ counterfeit drug? Or even worse, what if a terrorist group sets up a pharmacy aimed at doing harm to americans? Furthermore, how much would the average consumer know to discriminate between a legitimate site versus a fraudulent site? Even if we had a seal or logo to identify safe internet pharmacies, how secure is it that someone that's out to do harm won't make a logo similar to it? The main points before legislation continues with drug importation are with the safety of the drugs being sold and the potency these drug will have. Someone with a chronic condition may be able to save money on internet pharmacies, but how effective are these meds in controlling their condition?

There seems to be a stronger push toward getting drugs from our neighbors, Canada, which seems very feasible. I beleive it may work with Canadian companies/ pharmacies to lower the cost of prescription drugs, especially if we envoke some diplomacy. Wouldn't it be more effective to work the the drug companies that are increasing the prices toward American consumers and having lower costs to other consumers worldwide? Again, I believe regulation of the drug market would be a more effective answer. For now, the easiest answer is to move to Canada to get the cheaper drug, but what do we do when something goes wrong or a loop hole in the Canadian system accidentally allows terrorists to send innocent Americans deadly, counterfeit drugs?

Don't get me wrong. If this is the easiest way for someone to get their medication, with cost-friendly benefits, then its a good legislative act. I feel like the costs has had people overlook the risk of counterfeit, ineffective, or even toxic drugs. You can't fix someone's health if they don't know what is happening. If Congress continues on and put the Pharmaceutical Market Access Act into effect, they would also need to produce guidelines for the safety of the drugs being imported in.

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