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April 03, 2007

voters, voters.. support

“Sen. Lott must support new legislation about drug prices”

By Sherri Davis-Garner
April 2, 2007



This article emphasizes Mississippi residents’ support for the Pharmaceutical Market Access Act by encouraging Sen. Lott to support the bill. Last year, he supported the Stabenow-Lott legislation which, would have allowed Americans to get lower-cost generic prescription drugs to market. AARP is a large influences trying to get the senator to endorse the bill. ” According to a recent AARP poll, 89 percent of Mississippi residents want Medicare to leverage the buying power of 43 million Medicare members to negotiate lower prices for prescription drugs.”

Implication on pharmacy:

Ms. Sherri Davis-Garner is an advocate for the Pharmaceutical Market Access Act and wrote this to encourage Mississippi voters to contact Senator Lott to support the legislative act also. We can see from this article the public, mostly older Americans, see the solution to their healthcare costs is to decrease prescription drug costs, mainly by increasing the bargaining power of Medicare. I don’t think they know of any other solutions besides the immediate costs they face. Not saying Americans are not informed but maybe not presented with all the facts before they start deciding. It seems that costs is the main drive for the bill, however, little safety concern is seen in the public, as of now. By the public thinking that prescription costs are the big factor in high healthcare, pharmacists receive their concerns, and sometimes frustration, about the costs. This is especially true in retail pharmacy, when there is a relationship with the patient. Dealing with insurance and trying to get the patient their medication at affordable costs is difficult for a pharmacist who has no control over the system. However, if we are knowledgeable about the best drug therapy available for the patients’ disease state, then that in the long run would be cost saving to them, so they would not be taking medicine that is ineffective or not as effective as another type.

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