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December 01, 2008

Logic: Good or Bad 2

This entry to my blog is going to touch on a small, yet important aspect of most modern religions including judaism, Christianity, and Islam. These three along with most religions i have ever heard of teach that a follower of the beliefs should " walk with God" in a sense, meaning that one should act as God acted or acts. Yet, at the same time, most modern cultures such as right here in the United States tells everyone that they should not "play God" meaning they should not perform God's work.

God in most modern religions, especially Jesus, is and was a man who always did good deeds and never sinned. He is also the one to cause people to die and then pass judgement over them; Whether that judgement be who deserves to live or die or judgement as to who deserves to go to heaven and who goes to hell.

My problem with these fundamentals of religion is that they are opposing examples of logic that contradict themselves. "Playing God" and "walking with God" are inherently the same thing. however, we are supposed to copy what God does in walking with God but not copy what he does when it comes to Playing God. My conclusion is that when it comes down to issues such as abortion, the death penalty, and cloning, the same logic should be used as is used in doing good deeds. If you do not follow a religion, then you are free to come up with your own morals, but for Jewish, Catholic, and Islamic fundamentalists, this logic should be revised in your morals. However, an opsing view can be further explored in this argument against playing God regarding abortion

Another controversial example of "playing God" vs. "walking with God" is portrayed in a three part dramma about a fertility clinic where a couple can artificially cause pregnancy and even choose aspects of the baby such as sex. A more detailed description of the show can be read about here

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