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October 31, 2008

New M-Reports Role in OARS

The Online Access Request System (OARS) now allows you to request M-Reports system access to the sponsored research financial reports online. These reports give a complete view of the sponsored project's financial status, including official and projected balances from the Summary of Projects Report, as well as a project's balance broken out by budget category (research salaries, equipment, etc.) on the Project Grant Budget Status Report.

To request access, click the M-Reports tab and select the SponsProjectGrant role. Departmental security is not required. This new role is intended for additional non-faculty staff members who:

-- Have a business need to view the sponsored project/grant financial data, including payroll details (e.g., names, salaries, dates).
-- Is NOT assigned as the official Principal Investigator (PI) or the Project Administrators (i.e., SAPOC) on a sponsored project/grant by Financial Operations Sponsored Programs.

Please remember that access is automatically granted to only one PI and one SAPOC for a particular project/grant. Faculty can view only their sponsored project/grant(s). Administrators (non-faculty staff) can view all sponsored project/grants.

For instructions, click 'M-Reports: Requesting M-Reports Access' in the UL Document Repository <https://private.www.umich.edu/~mais/ul/>.

If you have any questions regarding this new role, please contact Jan Eckert.

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October 22, 2008

Provost's Space Utilization Initiative Web Site

Provost’s Web site detailing its initiative to explore the utilization of campus space and facilities

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October 21, 2008

STUDENT Oct. 22, 2008 Meeting Agenda & Materials

Web page with links to PowerPoints and other meeting materials for the October 22 meeting

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October 20, 2008

Emails to ULs Archived in InfoCenter Announcements

Looking for a recent email sent to ULs? Email communications will be posted here in the Announcements section. This section provides easy and quick access to recent important information we shared with you through email. Messages in this section are organized by date, with the most recent announcement appearing first. You can browse the postings by date, or use the search box at the top of this page to find a specific message by keyword.

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eResearch Regulatory Management

This web-based system centralizes the review and approval process for Human Subjects Research Applications and IBC Biosafety Registrations.

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Fit Gap Result Reporting in Progress

(Project Update Oct. 2008) Gap identification has essentially been completed in functional, infrastructure, and project management/support areas. Capital Committee meeting to review Fit-Gap findings is scheduled for November 25, 2008, followed by a review with Executive Officers for the project. October Project Progress Report

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Conference Room Pilot Methodology & Schedule (PDF) (94 KB)

Overview of conference room pilot subject areas and schedule

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Fit-Gap Project Governance Model (PDF) (637 KB)

Outline of governance model and structure for Fit-Gap phase of project

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Executive Kick-off Presentation (PDF) (882 KB)

PowerPoint slides from executive project kick-off on June 25, 2008

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Executive Kick-off Web Broadcast

Recording of executive project kick-off held on June 25, 2008

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October 19, 2008

Regulatory Management Training

A variety of training opportunities and reference materials are available to support your use of the Regulatory Management system.

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October 18, 2008

eResearch Proposal Management (eRPM)

This new Web-based system is being developed to accommodate the electronic routing, approval, and submission of funding proposals to external sponsors, including Grants.gov.

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October 17, 2008

Sign-up for U-M Emergency Alerts!

Get urgent notifications in the media that works best for you. Choose from text messaging, or e-mail -- it's your choice. Visit the U-M Emergency Alert Website for more information.

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Teaching Evaluations Go Online, Fall 2008

Assign, view, and complete teaching evaluations online. For more information, see the Teaching Evaluations Quick Reference document in My LINC.

Starting this fall, the Teaching Questionnaire (Evaluation) system coordinated by the U-M Office of Evaluations and Examinations will use an online format instead of paper forms. The process uses tools in M-Pathways, the Wolverine Access Faculty Center, and CTools to complete the following steps:

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New Textbook Functionality in M-Pathways and CTools!

Tools in M-Pathways and CTools for entering, viewing and ordering textbooks online are available beginning October 2008. The Provost has requested that faculty enter Winter Term 2009 textbook information using these tools by October 29, 2008.

While changes can be made after this date, the early deadline will help improve the used book market and help reduce book costs for students. For more timeline information, see the Textbook Calendar on the Office of Registrar’s web site.

The Office of the Provost, MAIS, and Information Technology Central Services (ITCS) collaborated to provide the new textbook functionality.

See the Research and Recommendations Concerning the Cost of Textbooksdocument on the U-M Office of the Provost’s web site for details about the research behind the scenes that resulted in this new functionality.

Functionality includes:

Planned Textbook Functionality Release Schedule:

Note: These dates are also available on the What else is happening calendar

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Running Predefined Reports

Contains information about running predefined reports that provide administrative data

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IT4U: Online training

Library of recordings of 30-minute webinars on BusinessObjects WebI, M-Reports, BI careers, and other topics.

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HR Metrics Training & Support Documentation

Provides detailed steps for using the HR Metrics tool

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What is Business Intelligence? Online Tutorial

A brief, high-level introduction to the basic concepts, practices, and benefits of BI

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BI Reorganization Background Information (PDF)

Details about the new Business Intelligence division within MAIS

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Classroom Utilization Report announcement (PDF) (4 KB)

Details regarding 18 new U-M Maintained Reports available through the SM01 Space Management BusinessObjects Universe

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Transition to New P-Card Vendor

Email to ULs regarding communications efforts around the transition to a new P-Card vendor. Procurement Services will be communicating regularly with University faculty and staff in the coming weeks and months as we transition from GE P-Cards to the new P-Card vendor, American Express. A repository of information and tools will be posted on the Procurement Services web site.

The original email is as follows:

Procurement Services will be communicating regularly with University faculty and staff in the coming weeks and months as we transition from GE P-Cards to the new P-Card vendor, American Express. Communication will be in several forms—email, customer forums, targeted audience presentations, on site meetings with departments and units if requested, and a repository of information and tools posted on the Procurement Services web site.

Today’s message is to announce the launch of our new web page that will provide regular updates and information as we move through the transition period. We have modified our Home page to add a convenient link directly to the new "P-Card Transition" page:

Our web site home page is: www.procurement.umich.edu. Click the link called P-Card Transition in the lower left corner of the home page to jump to the P-Card Transition page.

While the P-Card Transition page is not quite complete, we want to share information and resources with you in as timely a manner as possible. You will find PowerPoint presentations outlining the decision-making process that led to the selection of American Express; and a general overview of how the American Express two-card program works. You will also find Frequently Asked Questions (which we will regularly update as new questions emerge); and a list of customer service contacts to assist you in the transition process. Soon you will see added to the page:

- a Calendar of events, schedule of communications, key dates
- a decision tree tool to help you determine which card type fits your business needs
- informational guides and tips

We have created a group email address (amxtransition@umich.edu), which you may use to submit questions or concerns to P-Card Transition team members.  Or, please feel free to contact any of us directly:
Michael Counts (mcounts@umich.edu)
Ron Youngblood (ryoungbl@umich.edu)
Carolynn Blankenship (cblanken@umich.edu)
Lyn Fyfe (lynfyfe@umich.edu)

Please share this information with staff in your area. This message will be sent to all Cardholders, Approvers, and Reconcilers on Wednesday, October 22, 2008. (We collaborate with MAIS to send messages to those with P-Card roles due to the great number of email recipients in that population.)

We appreciate your partnership as we move together through this transition. Thank you.

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October 15, 2008

FIN UL Meeting Materials, Oct. 15, 2008

Web page with links to PowerPoints and other meeting materials for the October 15 meeting

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October 13, 2008

M-Reports Offers Sponsored Research Financials

M-Reports now provides sponsored research financial reports online, giving faculty a complete view of a sponsored project’s financial status and includes a BI component that gives a projected balance.

This tool is a significant step towards fulfilling the University’s goal of providing faculty with ready access to timely information about the budget/fiscal status of research projects.

Volunteer faculty researchers piloted the online reports and found the financial detail and system features beneficial and very easy to use. The reports include budget, expenditures and projections for future project commitments (e.g., salary, benefits, financial aid).

"At-a-glance" reports quickly enable a user to:

To learn more about M-Reports, view a demo and visit the U-M Business Intelligence Web site. M-Reports will expand in the future to include non-sponsored project/grant reporting, "what-if" modeling and links to other areas of University business (e.g., Faculty Business).

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HR Metrics is Live!

Working with HR data just became easier and faster with a new tool called HR Metrics. U-M HR personnel can now complete their tasks more efficiently thanks to the web-based tool.

HR Metrics captures HR and Financial data from M-Pathways to facilitate strategic decisions involving human capital management and staffing trends. This business intelligence solution simplifies the review and analysis of data.

The tool offers users a Drill to Detail option, making it easier to see the "people behind the numbers." HR Metrics also alerts users to trends requiring intervention and facilitates internal benchmarking. Users can use the tool to quickly create ad-hoc reports to meet specific reporting needs.

A limited number of licenses are available. If you would like to request access to HR Metrics, please see your HRMS Unit Liaison for more information.

To learn more about HR Metrics, view a demo of HR Metrics and visit the U-M Business Intelligence website. Training and support documentation is available in My LINC (keyword: HR Metrics).

HR Metrics was developed in partnership by University Human Resources (UHR), Health System Human Resources (UMHS) and Michigan Administrative Information Services (MAIS) as part of the commitment to improving data-driven decision making.

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M-Reports Selected as Award Finalist

Microsoft has selected U-M’s M-Reports as a finalist for its second annual "Pervasive BI & Performance Management Award." The award is designed to recognize organizations that have been successful in driving widespread use of the Microsoft BI offering.

M-Reports is an online reporting environment that delivers management reports in a customizable, intuitive user interface. University decision-makers use the application to efficiently process real-time information in order to reduce risk and recognize trends which may have otherwise gone unidentified.

M-Reports was one of the first projects on campus to use Microsoft .NET technology and the Microsoft Business Intelligence toolset to create a dimensional model of data. This OLAP technology allows for instant data retrieval– a vast improvement from the 20 minutes it used to take to run a single report.

Finalists were honored at the Microsoft BI Conference in Seattle on October 8. To learn more about M-Reports, view a demo and visit the U-M Business Intelligence Web site.

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Space Management Data Dictionary (Word)

Visually displays and describes fields associated with Classroom Utilization tables in the U-M Data Warehouse.

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Classroom Utilization Information in BusinessObjects

18 UM-Maintained BusinessObjects reports provide a variety of classroom utilization data that you can use to report and analyze how effectively your classroom space is being used. Visit the MAIS Web site for a description of all 18 reports and the benefits of each.

In addition to these reports, Space Management data set users also have access to several Classroom Utilization tables to create ad hoc queries in the U-M Data Warehouse and corresponding SM01 BusinessObjects universe. Recent enhancements to these tables allow you to report classroom utilization by department group or within a specific date range.

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Classroom Utilization Information in M-Reports

The Space Report Library in M-Reports currently provides access to seven key reports that display a variety of classroom time and seat utilization information required by department managers, curriculum schedulers, facilities managers, and the Registrar’s Office. Visit the MAIS Web site for a description of all classroom utilization reports and their benefits.

In the future, M-Reports will provide comprehensive classroom utilization information in the form of a "scorecard" based on these reports. This visual representation of the data will enable units and the Office of the Provost to manage classroom space more effectively and to optimize classroom utilization at the unit and institutional level. Visit the Space Utilization Initiative Web site to learn more about the University’s target goals for classroom utilization.

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Non-Class Events in Classrooms

The Non-Class Events in Classrooms project will use M-Pathways to centrally capture the non-class events scheduled in classrooms. Inclusion of this data will allow display of all activities scheduled in classrooms and report the full utilization of classroom space.

The M-Pathways solution to capture non-class events in classrooms will include:

This project is a collaborative effort with the Office of the Registrar, Office of the Provost, academic units, and MAIS. For more information on this project, visit the Space Utilization Initiative Web site.

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October 07, 2008

Proposal Management Home Workspace Handout (PDF) (254 KB)

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Proposal Management Home Workspace Demo (Flash)

Launchpad for eResearch Proposal Management: allows PIs/project teams to view/track proposals and award information.

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Get in the Know: Proposal Management

Check out the eResearch Proposal Management Overview presentation to learn more about project objectives, team, timeline, and new proposal.

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October 04, 2008

Research Unit Liaisons Site

Provides information specifically for Research Unit Liaisons

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October 02, 2008


Online Access Request System

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Handling Student, Employee, and Patient Information (WORD) (58K)

Quick reference on handling data designated as public, private/confidential or sensitive.

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October 01, 2008


My LINC (Learning & Information Center) is a Web-based training and documentation repository for HRD, ITS, Procurement, and Treasurer’s Office

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