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April 30, 2009

Will DART work for Mac users?

DART project team shared information with Apple Core on whether DART will work for Mac users. Click on the link below to view the presentation. Apple Core is a group of system administrators across the Ann Arbor campus. Members are responsible for deploying and supporting Apple operating systems in their unit.


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New M-Reports Role in OARS

The Online Access Request System (OARS) now allows you to request M-Reports access to view the Source/Use Year-To-Date report. The e-mail below was sent to the people in your unit(s) who were automatically granted access to this report. Recipients included the following:

You do not have to resubmit requests for these individuals in your unit because they already have access to the report through the M-Reports Fin MGMT tab (i.e., for Internal Controls-Employment or other reports).

For new user requests, select the SourceUseReports role from the M-Reports tab. Departmental security is not required. This role is intended for the additional unit financial manager who:

For updated instructions, click 'Requesting M-Reports Roles in OARS' link in the Unit Liaison Document Repository at <https://private.www.umich.edu/~mais/ul/>.

To: Departmental financial report users
From: Cheryl Soper, Controller and Director of Financial Operations
Date to send: April 30, 2009
Subject: New! M-Reports Source/Use Financial Reporting

M-Reports now offers Source/Use financial reporting online!

The Source/Use Year-To-Date report allows you to compare revenue (i.e., sources) to expenses (i.e., uses) for a department/department group over time to identify trends and anomalies. With M-Reports, you can:
-- Identify high-level balances by Fund/Fund Group for a fiscal year.
-- Analyze sources of revenue and spending by Fund/Fund Group over time.
-- Link to underlying transaction detail, including, payroll, benefits, student financials, invoices, and vouchers.
-- Select various groups of departments within a school, college, or department group to facilitate reporting and analysis.

Access M-Reports on Wolverine Access (http://wolverineaccess.umich.edu). The navigation path is: University Business > Reporting > M-Reports. Once in M-Reports, click the FIN. MGMT tab Reports, click the FIN. MGMT tab and select Source/Use Year-to-Date from the left navigation menu.

Remember, your uniqname, UMICH Kerberos password, and MToken are required to log into M-Reports. If you are a faculty member without an MToken, check the “I don't have an MToken” checkbox on the Weblogin screen. To obtain an MToken, visit an MToken Distribution Center <http://www.mais.umich.edu/mtoken/mtoken_distribution.html>

To learn more about M-Reports, visit the U-M Business Intelligence Web site at: <http://www.bi.umich.edu/products/web_reporting.html>.

Contact the MAIS Help Desk:
-- Phone: 734-936-7000, option 7
-- E-mail: maishelpdesk@umich.edu

To view this message in HTML format, visit <http://www.mais.umich.edu/project_infocenter/bi_home.php>.

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Swine Flu Preparedness

Plans are in place to keep essential University of Michigan central IT systems and services operating as normal in the event the swine flu outbreak expands to U-M campuses. Visit the U-M’s Swine Flu Preparedness page often for general information and updates.

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April 29, 2009

Enhancements Made to M-Pathways HRMS Systems

Beginning April 29, Total Picture Quick View displays benefit-eligible Fellowship students and their related Job Data and Department Budget Earnings. Users with HR Quick Appointment View User and HR Fellowship Benefits Updater roles can access this page in M-Pathways. Here are some details:

The Per Org column has been added to the Total Picture Quick View, Work Location page.
-- This column allows users to view the relationship(s) the employee or benefit-eligible Fellowship student has with U-M.
-- There are two values in the Per Org column: Employee and Student Benefits. Student Benefits will appear for benefit-eligible Fellowship students who have their benefits processed using Workforce Administration, Job Data.

By displaying the Student Benefits data on the Total Picture Quick View pages, both the HR and Fellowship Administrators can view a whole person, including those students who are also employees (GSI, GSSA, GSRA, Fellowship). Both the employed and Fellowship appointment information displays to help coordinate appointments and understand the total picture of an employee or student.

My LINC documentation for Total Picture Quick View has been updated:
-- Total Picture Quick View Field Descriptions <https://maislinc.umich.edu/mais/pdf/HR_UVD_TPQV_FD.pdf>
-- HRE102 Using Total Picture Quick View to Find Employee Date

Contact the MAIS Help Desk
-- Phone: 734-936-7000, option 5
-- E-mail: maishelpdesk@umich.edu

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April 27, 2009

FIN: New Merchant Services Category

Learn about the new category in the Treasurer's Office catalog with resources on MyLINC in this message from Jan Eckert:

Subject: New Treasurer's Office Category Available in My LINC

MyLINC now includes an additional Merchant Services category within the Treasurer's Office catalog. Financial Unit Liaisons are receiving this message as a courtesy notification of the change. There are no M-1 access roles or responsibilities related to the catalog at this time.

University employees who manage Merchant accounts and work with credit cards are required to complete annual training as part of a mandatory Industry certification process. My LINC contains the new Merchant Certification eLearning course which fulfills the training requirement. My LINC also contains a Merchant Resources document with links to simulations and documents which support
the training effort.

Contact the MAIS Help Desk:
-- Phone: 734-936-7000, option 2
-- E-mail: maishelpdesk@umich.edu

Contact the Treasurer's Office:
--Phone: 734-763-1299
--E-mail: TreasuryTraining@umich.edu

From: Jan Eckert, UL Program Coordinator
Sent: Monday, April 27, 2009
To: "Financial Unit Liaisons"

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April 20, 2009

MAIS forming new organization

U-M is transforming information technology services by combining ITCS, ITSS, and MAIS. Laura Patterson will assume leadership of the new organization. Provost Teresa Sullivan and Chief Financial Officer Tim Slottow made the announcement in the URecord. The organizations will continue to provide their key IT products and services supporting the university's operation. See Spotlight for more information.

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Visit the New Wolverine Access Gateway!

Log in to the systems you usually use by navigating to familiar links. Explore the look and feel. Use it every day or just stop in for a visit.

New Wolverine Access Gateway

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Visit the New Wolverine Access Gateway!

Log in to the systems you usually use by navigating to familiar links. Explore the look and feel. Use it every day or just stop in for a visit.

New Wolverine Access Gateway

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April 17, 2009

New eReconciliation Transaction Detail Data Now Available

Complete your monthly Statement of Activity (SOA) reconciliation online using new comprehensive transaction detail. Access new and updated documentation and two new eReconciliation reports in My LINC.

The original e-mail is a follows:

From: MAIS.Inform
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 11:58 AM
To: "M-Pathways eReconciliation Users"
Subject: New: eReconciliation Detail for Payroll, Student Financials, and Imaged Journals

M-Pathways eReconciliation now offers comprehensive transaction detail to fully reconcile your Statements of Activity (SOA) online!

From the SOA Detail page, click the following links:
-- Expense link for a PY journal - opens the Payroll/Benefit Detail page to display Name, EmplID, ShortCode and other transaction data similar to the Gross Pay Register reports.
-- Expense link for an SFN journal - opens the Student Financials Detail page to display Name, EmplID, Item ID, and other transaction data for the SFN journals similar to the SOA Aid Disbursement Detail report.
-- Journal ID link for JU or 000 journals - opens the journal Header page.
From there, click the Imaged Document link to access available imaged documentation for that journal.

Two new detail reports have been added to the set of eRecon reports:
-- eRecon Payroll Detail
-- eRecon Student Financials Detail


New and updated eReconciliation documentation
is available in My LINC.

For information about eReconciliation and other Real-Time Financials (RTF) toolkit options, see the
RTF pages on the MAIS web site.

Contact the MAIS Help Desk:
-- Phone: 734-936-7000, option 3
-- E-mail: maishelpdesk@umich.edu

Want to reference this message again? Find it in the NEW MAIS Project InfoCenter.

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April 13, 2009

FIN Apr. 15 Meeting Agenda and Materials

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April 10, 2009

New Guidelines will Help Manage Research Space

Today's Record Update highlights research space guidelines that will be used by Deans and other administrators to manage research space on the Ann Arbor campus. Read more at the Record Update.

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April 09, 2009

Financial Aid Disbursement Deadlines

Award entry deadlines for the Spring and Summer 2009 terms are approaching. Find forms, completion instructions, policy information and aid calendars on the 'Financial Aid Forms & Instructions' page on the MAIS web site.

The original e-mail is as follows:

From: Office of Financial Aid
Sent: Thursday, April 9, 2009
To: "M-Pathways Users Who Enter and Monitor Financial Aid Awards
Subject: Spring-Summer Disbursement - Important Information

Award entry deadlines for the first disbursements of Disbursement Plans 01 “Term” and 03 “Monthly Special” are the end of business on:
-- Wednesday, April 29, for delivery of Spring and Spring/Summer funds to students on Monday, May 4
-- Wednesday, June 24, for delivery of Summer funds to students on Monday, June 29

For Disbursement Plans 02 and 03, enter awards by:
-- Wednesday, May 6, for funds delivery on Monday, May 11
-- Wednesday, June 3, for funds delivery on Monday, June 8
-- Tuesday, June 30, for funds delivery on Monday, July 6
-- Wednesday, August 5, for funds delivery on Monday, August 10

A disbursement override is required when an awarding office decides a student does not need to meet a disbursement rule for a Financial Aid Item Type. The override requests are due to OFA between:
-- Thursday, April 23, and noon on Tuesday, April 28, for delivery of Spring and Spring/Summer funds on Monday, May 4
-- Thursday, June 18, and noon on Tuesday, June 23, for delivery of Summer funds on Monday, June 29

Special Handling Requests must be received at the University Payroll Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on:
-- Wednesday, April 22, for Spring and Spring/Summer
-- Wednesday, June 17, for Summer

On April 9, Financial Aid Item Types (FAITs) that require full-time enrollment for disbursement have their required credit hours reduced automatically for Spring- Summer 2009 disbursement. M-Pathways divides the minimum credit hours by two, and rounds down as needed (e.g., 9 hours revised to 4 hours).

As a result of this rule change you should:
-- Cancel Fall/Winter 2009 awards that were not disbursed because the students did not meet the Fall/Winter enrollment requirements. These awards must be cancelled by Wednesday, April 15, to prevent disbursement of these awards to students who will meet the lowered Spring/Summer credit hour requirements.

NOTE: Contact OFA by Friday, April 24, if you want to retain the Fall/Winter credit hour requirements for your Spring-Summer 2009 awards.

To access resources related to these reminders, visit the MAIS web site.

Contact OFA at sfps@umich.edu.

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April 07, 2009

Negotiations and Design Planning

We continue our contract negotiations with Blackbaud since securing funding from the IT Capital Projects Committee last month. Negotiations are complex, sensitive, and take time. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope to finalize a contract in the near future.

Project Preparation Builds
Larry Chaffee, our DART Project Manager, is keeping the project rolling through contract negotiations. He is filling in some of the key roles on the Project Team, which will be critical once a contract is signed. In addition, he is:

Future Project Communications
Next month we’ll launch a monthly communication from Larry Chaffee, which will provide a regular snapshot of the project progress and information for how to prepare for the new system.
You can also check the DART project site for announcements and resources.