January 07, 2013

DART Support

U-M DART system users visit the DART Education & Training site for your training and communications resources.

The DART Education & Training site houses:
- Quick Reference Cards
- eLearning Courses
- Training Documents
- DART Announcements
- DART Tips Communications
- Frequently Asked Questions

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February 14, 2012

MTokens Needed to Access DART

Two-Factor Authorization using an MToken will be required for all users (Development and Financials) to access DART. This protects the private personal information of our faculty, staff, and students. You will log in with a Tokencode (a six-digit number) as well as your UMICH Kerberos password and ID.

Many of you already have MTokens based on the access you had to DAC. If you do not have a token, please go to http://www.mais.umich.edu/mtoken/mtoken_distribution.html to view a list of distribution centers. This includes the Ann Arbor, Flint, and Dearborn campuses.

Please contact Jason Kefalas jkefalas@umich.edu if you have further questions about access to DART.

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DART Development View eLearning Course Available February 13th

The eLearning version of DART Basics for the Development Community was launched on February 13th. You received a registration email that will allow you to sign up for this course in My LINC.

Completing this course, DEVE101 DART Basics for the Development Community, will grant access to the Development View Role, which is the base role all users in the Development Community must complete.

Note: If you have taken the preview version of this course, you must still complete the course to receive course credit and access to DART.

Why would you want to take this eLearning course instead of the Instructor Led version?
• You were on a design team or have tested DART
• You have to take multiple DART training courses
• You want the flexibility of taking a course on your own schedule
• You want to spend less time in training (1 hour shorter)

What if you’ve already signed up for the Instructor Led course and want to take the eLearning version instead?
Please cancel your course registration in My LINC before signing up for the eLearning version.
1. Log in to My LINC and click the course title to view the course.
2. Click the Cancel button on the course page.
3. A confirmation screen will appear. Click the Cancel Marked button at the top of the page.
4. Click the Register button to sign up for DEVE101

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DART Preparation Checklist

DART will go live on March 26th. What can you do to help prepare for the transition and minimize work disruptions later?

Follow this checklist to help you get started.

Access & Compliance Form – signed
- If you do not have an access & compliance form on file, Jason Kefalas will contact you.

Kerberos ID (uniqname) & Password
- Login used to view your Paycheck.
- http://www.itd.umich.edu/accounts/uniqname-processes/

Two-factor authentication
- Many DAC and EIS users already have MTokens. Jason Kefalas will contact those of you who still need a token.
- Learn more about tokens: http://www.mais.umich.edu/mtoken/
- MToken distribution centers: http://www.mais.umich.edu/mtoken/mtoken_distribution.html

System Requirements
Verify Computer Meets System Requirements
- The project team is working with administrators from all schools, colleges and units to ensure the optimal use of DART for the Development & Financial communities.
- For the optimal use of DART & performance, the following settings are recommended.
-- Windows 7
-- Internet Explorer 8
-- View full list: http://www.mais.umich.edu/systeminfo/browser_os.html

Work Planning
Transition time
• Leave yourself time to take training
• Leave yourself time to learn the new system

Training and Education
Register for & complete required training
- https://dart.dev.umich.edu/training
- You will receive registration emails sent for required classes
- Register for classes
- MTokens are not required for training.

Review online resources
- Business process/policy documents
- For example, types of events entered in DART

Review new terms
- For example, Constituent = entity

Refreshers - Review resources to support your use of DART
- Online help
- Quick reference card
- Materials covered in training classes

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DART Training Courses Available

Registration emails for the DART Instructor Led (classroom) Training courses went out on January 17th.

You can now register for the following Instructor Led courses:
DEVC101 - DART Basics for the Development Community
PRMC201 - Portfolio Plan Management
PRMC211 - Portfolio Plan Maintenance
EVTC101 - Manage Events
STWC101 - Donor Stewardship

If you have requested additional roles, you may have noticed you have not yet received a registration email for those courses.

Several of the DART training courses needed for those roles will only be available as eLearning courses (ELT). These courses can be taken on any computer where you can access MyLinc (home, work, PC or MAC) and can be taken any time it’s convenient for you. ELTs also allow you to go at your own pace; you can pause the course and come back to it later.

The eLearning courses will be available on a rolling schedule. If you need that role for access, you will receive a registration email when each course is available.

Additional training registration emails will be sent:

February 13, 2012
- DEVE101 DART Basics for the Development Community (DART Development View Role)
- PRME101 Portfolio Basics

March 9, 2012
- EVTE201 Maintain Events – eLearning
- DEVE100 DART Basics for the Non-Development Community
- DART BusinessObjects Universe

View suggested order to take training courses: https://private.www.umich.edu/~mais/dart/dart-coursemap.jpg

Learn more about DART training courses: https://dart.dev.umich.edu/node/58#overlay-context=node/58

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January 06, 2012

The DART Education & Training Page Launches

A new and updated DART website is now available, including training resources, FAQs, a glossary of DART terms and announcements. This site was developed in partnership with OUD and ITS to share information needed by the Development community to prepare for DART. It will provide a central repository for DART information going forward. The new site will be available from DevNet.

You may need to log in to view content - please use your uniqname and kerberos password.

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Register for DART Training

On January 15th, the first round of DART Access emails will be sent, allowing you to start registering for instructor led DART training courses. You will receive a separate email for each role requested. If you do not receive an email, please check your spam folder - these emails will come from its.training.registration@umich.edu.

Please sign up for classes as soon as possible, as they will fill up quickly. A link to registration for each course will be provided in the emails you receive. Registration is on a first come first serve basis – even if a course is not available until March, we suggest you sign up as soon as you receive your registration email.

A few things to consider when taking instructor-led courses:

• Seats in these classes are limited. Be considerate & strategic when signing-up for training – don’t sign up for a class if you’re not sure you can attend.
• There are only enough training spots to take a course ONE time. You can take a refresher course after go live, if so desired.
• If you do not need to use a specific role at go-live, wait to take your training until after March 26th.
• Take alternate eLearning courses if possible – for example, DART Basics for the Development Community will be available as both instructor led and eLearning.
• Instructor-led courses will be in place for go-live & and shortly after. Ongoing DART Training will be shifted to eLearning after go-live.

You’ll receive another round of email on or around February 13th, allowing you to register for the DART eLearning courses. Those courses will allow you to take training from your desk when it’s most convenient for you.

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Getting Ready for DART

At the January 10th Development Council Breakout session, the DART Change Management Team presented information on getting ready for the move to DART.

Some of the information shared included:
• What training courses will be available
• How to register for classes
• How to use the MyLinc system to view and change your courses

You can view the full presentation here for all the details.

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November 28, 2011

DART Update – Comprehensive Testing

In late September, the DART Team received and deployed the final version of Blackbaud’s software that will be used at go-live in March. The team, including representatives from the development and finance communities, have been involved in comprehensive testing of the system, to make sure it can handle all our complex business processes.

First Comprehensive Testing Cycle Completed

November – December: Comprehensive Testing Cycle 2

The third and final cycle of Comprehensive testing will begin in late January and end in February. The focus will be on retesting all areas, as well as any applied fixes to previously identified incidents, and to finalize data conversion routines.

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Volunteer to Test Training

The DART team is looking for a pool of volunteers to test training materials between 12/5/2011 – 01/23/12. The time commitment for volunteers will vary from 1-5 hours depending on the course. Speak with your supervisor & complete this survey to volunteer.

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What should you do to prepare for DART?

Unit Liaisons are reviewing who needs access to DART, and will assign security roles to each staff member who needs access. Each person’s security role(s) will determine what kind of training each person needs to complete before he/she is granted access to DART.

Watch for DART access and training information from your Unit Liaison and the DART team.

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Who needs access to DART?

Unit Liaisons are reviewing who has access to EIS, DAC, and the DAC BusinessObjects Universe to determine what kind of access staff members will need in DART. Access to DART will be managed through “security roles.”

What are Security Roles in DART?

For more details on Security Roles and training, visit: http://www.mais.umich.edu/project_infocenter/announcement_dart.php?guid=20111128121404
For a list of Unit Liaisons, visit: http://www.mais.umich.edu/groups/liaisonlist.html

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October 21, 2011

What should you do to prepare for DART?

In October, the DART project team shared some highlights of DART capabilities by development area. Finance and development community members are invited to read about these highlights online(https://www.umich.edu/~mais/dart/dart-highlights-10072011.pptx). If you are unable to access the materials, please email dart-project@umich.edu.

The development areas highlighted include: