January 20, 2012

DEV UL Jan. 20 Meeting Agenda & Materials

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July 27, 2011

09/30 Cut-off – Reminder for those involved with fundraising planning

In the last newsletter, we announced a 9/30 cut-off date for changes to DAC. We need to minimize changes to DAC and other data as we get closer to Go Live. Introducing too many changes too close to Go Live jeopardizes our success.

If you are planning a new initiative or campaign, such as a new matching gift program, you may need to check-in with the DART project team. New campaigns or stewardship initiatives that need to be tracked in DAC using new fields or codes could have an impact on our data conversion processes.

Here’s a reminder on the kinds of changes we will limit after 09/30:
After 9/30/11, we will limit data structure changes to DAC or Data Warehouse, which could have an impact on our data conversion processes. The limitation includes:

Data types/codes : new tables, values, or fields
Example: Recently, a new relationship type for Med Development, called MED Primary Contact was proposed for DAC. It doesn’t currently exist in DAC/EIS and must be created, in order to clearly define the UMHS gift officer leading developing strategies for prospects with multiple medical interests.
Example: Over time, in DAC, the alumni activities fields have become a complicated catch-all. The data conversion team has been trying to map each kind of data within alumni activities to a new location in DART (e.g. memberships, affiliations, interactions, etc.). However, we must end this work to focus on the final data conversion and testing to make sure that all fields are mapped properly.

Data imports: New mass imports of data into DAC will be limited or stopped. (This does not include data imports that are already scheduled as a part of routine business activities)
Example: Data clean-up by OUD Data Services team. Importing changes to relationship statuses (e.g. spouse, daughter, etc.) en masse
Example: Data imports as a result of integrating supplemental and shadow systems

Any data structure changes after 09/30/11 will be subject to approval by the DART Project Management Core Team and dependent on its impact to the DART data conversion processes.

Routine business activities will continue up to Go Live:
The following are examples. Email dart-project@umich.edu if you have a question about whether something is considered “business as usual”.
—Assigning manager to a prospect
—Regular gift processing
—All usual manual updates sent through Dev Services for constituents
—New Grads data load in January 2012
—New allocations, solicitation codes, mail codes
—NCOA – National change of address updates
—Planned gift entry
—All regular reporting
—Data list requests (pulling lists for mailings)

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Volunteer Commitments Through Go Live

We are charging ahead with the new Donor and Alumni Relationship Tool (DART) after a very busy and successful year of close collaboration across campus. Our current Go Live target is March 26, 2012 – when we expect everyone will use the new system. There is still much work to do as we shift from designing the system to meet U-M needs toward testing and training.

Estimated commitments

We need some volunteer staff from schools, colleges and units to continue working on the project through Go Live. Below are some estimates to help gauge how much staff time the project anticipates needing through March 2012. Please note, these estimates do not include time for training. The amount of time staff need for training will vary depending on the kind of work they need to do in DART. More information and estimates will be communicated through Unit Liaisons this fall.

TeamsApril 2011-March 2012 Estimated Hours (days)
needed from select individuals
Core Design team members196 hours (24.5 days)/person
Functional Area design team members38 hours (4.75 days)/person
Testing team members102 hours (12.75 days)/person
Unit Liaisons12-25 hours (1.5-3 days)/person

Note: This estimate is for efforts between August 2011 and Go Live. It is based on an average for meetings and homework activities. Larger units may require a greater effort. This estimate can be multiplied for additional team members larger units may have assisting with unit preparations for Go Live.
Other members of the development community with business and/or technical expertise6 hours (.75 days)

Selecting volunteers

In August, the project team will approach select individuals to continue on the project through March 2012. These individuals will be involved with some of the following activities:
—Working on tasks related to moving DAC data into DART (e.g. determining new fields needed, populating drop-down lists)
—System Testing
—Reviewing and outlining best practices for business and the use of DART
—Reviewing training materials, critiquing system demonstrations, providing details and information
—Reviewing reporting features and functions, providing feedback

Some of the people selected may currently serve on project teams, while some new individuals may be selected for their deep business or technical expertise. We hope you will be able to support their participation through Go Live.

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DART Road Show - Get a glimpse of how DART works!

Curious about the new Donor Alumni Relationship Tool (DART)? Register for a DART Road Show session and get a guided tour of the system, including updates since 2010. You’ll see how to:
—Navigate/get around different menus, screens, and pages
—View information about constituents
—View gift information

Intended Audience: Anyone that has used EIS or DAC in the past. Anyone from the Development Community that will use DART in the future. We will cover the basic information that everyone from Development will be able to view in DART. Note: This session covers DART from a development perspective, rather than finance.

Register through DevNet Development Community Learning . If you are unable to access this site and want to register for a session, please contact dart-project@umich.edu.
Due to limited time, these sessions will not cover how to edit information; reports or reporting; the online donor experience; or detailed system training. Also note, the content presented at the road shows will be very similar to the content presented at the Supplemental and Shadow systems session on 6/27.

Be part of the leap from DAC to DART – Register for one of the following sessions today!
—August 8, 1-2:30pm - Palmer Commons
—August 11, 9-10:30 am - Wolverine Tower
—August 15, 9-10:30 am - McKinley
—August 15, 9-10:30 am – Can’t attend in person? Join a virtual session (Limited seats -Adobe Connect)
—August 16, 3:30-5:00 pm - Wolverine Tower
—August 24, 1-2:30 pm - McKinley

What is DART?
DART is the Donor & Alumni Relationship Tool replacing the Donor, Alumni, and Constituent Database (DAC). DART will help manage information about relationships and interactions that the University of Michigan has with colleagues, alumni, friends, foundations and corporations. Some big ways DART will help us manage lifelong relationships:
—Easy access to real-time donor information
—Ability to view information about people and organizations seamlessly & in one book of record. All the data you need to do your job is in one place, at your fingertips!
—Viewable connections and relationships between donors, organizations, and interests
—A holistic picture of a donor’s entire history with U of M, including communications, gifts, prospect plans, and wealth ratings.

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May 17, 2011

Getting ready- unit prep activities

During March, Unit Liaisons provided information on over 90 supplemental and shadow systems across campus. The project team is compiling that data with other information on more than 150 interfaces, legacy batch jobs, and reports that schools/colleges/units use to support their development business. They will evaluate and prioritize which of these systems, interfaces, jobs, and reports DART can accommodate at Go Live in Spring 2012.

Evaluating and prioritizing for Go Live
Members of the project team, selected for their technical and business expertise, are taking some time to evaluate all the systems, interfaces, jobs, and reports. Each item in the inventory will be ranked and prioritized based on its impact to business processes and the resources needed to resolve the item before Go Live.

How this affects your unit
Later this summer, we’ll communicate which items your unit can expect DART to handle at Go Live. (We will work with Unit Liaisons to share this information). The project team cannot accommodate every item. However, taking the time to do this prioritization effort helps us all in our planning efforts. It will help us to plan for capturing and moving data over to DART with existing tools (e.g. DAC/EIS) prior to Go Live. It also helps us see what kind of training is necessary, and allows time to determine alternative solutions for those not included.

Learn more in our FAQ about the strategy and process for prioritizing shadow and supplemental systems.

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Looking Ahead for Go Live

The following presentation illustrates how preparation activities fit on the project timeline (shown by calendar year). Go Live is scheduled for Spring 2012. Training, unit preparations, and other communications will be more intensive as we get closer to our Go Live target.

DART Change Management Update graphic depicting preparedness for production by technical team, training team, ULs and communication team Training
Project team is developing and testing materials. These include job aids, classroom training, and online materials. Units will receive more information on training schedules, courses, and more at the start of 2012.

Unit Preparations
Unit Liaisons are working with the project team on a series of preparation activities, to ensure that each unit is ready for Go Live. For example, ULs and the project team are determining how the DART transition affect alumni and development systems (a.k.a. supplemental and shadow systems) that units may maintain outside of EIS/DAC. Unit preparation activities will intensify this summer and fall.

The project team will continue to communications and presentations (Development Council, Budget Administrators Group, etc.). In addition, community members will have more opportunities to see software demonstrations.

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December 22, 2010

DART Go Live target is spring 2012

The following message was sent from Jerry May, U-M Vice President for Development, to all development community members. Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and other financial contacts (including some staff at UMHS) recieved a similar announcement.

As you know, over 120 members of the development and finance communities are working hard to implement the new Donor and Alumni Relationship Tool (DART). This is a significant financial and human resource investment across the university. I want to again acknowledge and thank these individuals, and all of you who have been working so hard on DART.

The project teams' effective planning and work allowed us to foresee challenges to our original target date for transitioning over to DART. Therefore, we are moving the target from Summer 2011 to Spring 2012. I can assure you that the decision to delay was not taken lightly. However, the project team's careful forecasting made it clear that Blackbaud, the vendor, needs more time to adapt their platform to (1) an enterprise model and (2) to accommodate Michigan's scale and complexity.

This delay is unfortunate, but it is imperative that we implement a system that meets our business needs across the university. We've added new resources in the OUD data analytics group and increased the expertise of the reporting and information analysis group (formerly the IDEA Team) so your near-term information needs can be handled more robustly than before. Blackbaud is committing additional resources to ensure this project's success. As a result, we are able to extend the project timeline to deliver the critical features to meet our business needs.

We are confident this delay will not significantly impact the planning for the university's future comprehensive campaign. However, we do recognize the delay may affect human resources in your unit. For example, some of your staff may be serving on design teams, and their efforts may need to extend longer than expected. The Project Team will communicate with you and/or your unit's leadership about such cases.

We want to thank you for your continued support as we move forward. If you need more information, please visit the DART online FAQ, or contact the project team (DART-Project@umich.edu).

Jerry A. May
Vice President for Development
University of Michigan

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August 03, 2010

Monthly Talking Points & Update

July/August project update

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August 02, 2010

Unit Liaison Program Discussion

In July, DART Project Team Members and development Program Managers shared several discussions on the Unit Liaison Program. Their focus was on gaining representation from each school, college and unit. These representatives will work with the DART Project Team to better understand the changes coming from the DART transition. The following presentation guided these discussions.

Each school, college, and unit will appoint their Unit Liaison(s) by the end of August. Unit Liaisons will receive invitations to a kick-off meeting to be held in October.

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July 20, 2010

Presentation for Financial community members

This month we presented a project update to the Budget Administrators Group. We reviewed how the project was organized, anticipated timing and a summary of current activities. In addition, we shared information on the new Development Unit Liaison Program in formation, and reviewed some highlights from the Revenue Design Team’s recent work.

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April 15, 2010

Revenue Design Highlights

The Design Team made updates to our future DART system to meet U-M’s needs related to Revenue information. These screenshots highlight some of the differences between EIS and DART displays of revenue data. Here's a quick overview of what Revenue design teams reviewed:

Revenue Design teams reviewed:

  • Processing of gifts and pledges

  • Matching Gifts

  • Recurring Gifts

  • Benefits/Premiums

  • Coding gifts for the General Ledger

  • Allocations

  • Life cycle of the gift including:
    -Donor intent
    -Fund utilization

Here are some comparisons between EIS and DART for Giving Summary, Summary by Year, and Revenue History.

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April 13, 2010

DART Constituent Preview Feedback

Over 100 development and finance community members learned how basic entity information will be handled in DART. In February and March, 75 participants completed a follow-up survey to the previews. (If you missed the DART Preview, you can view a lighter demonstration online).

  • Nearly 90 percent of respondents found the content covered in previews was relevant for their work
  • About 80 percent reported moderate to high confidence that Design team members’ will adequately address Constituent functionality concerns
  • Nearly 30 percent of the positive comments made during the previews were about DART’s user-friendly design

Common themes/questions were also raised around business process and product functionality. Many of these are now answered in the new DART FAQ).

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DART Project Team Update

Design teams for Prospect Management, Planned Giving, and Stewardship are starting to meet. Design team leaders were identified for each team. An advisory group will provide guidance to make sure design specifications are holistically integrated. Read more about design team members on these teams, and what they’ll cover:

(DART design team and consultative council members list from 04/12)

Prospect Management Design includes:

  • Creating prospects

  • Manager / Staff assignments

  • Plans / Strategies / Asks

  • Contact reports

  • Gift officer metrics

Planned Giving Design includes:

  • Documenting planned gifts

  • Tracking planned giving asks

  • Tracking planned giving relationships

  • Reporting planned gifts

Stewardship Design includes:

  • Acknowledgements / Tribute acknowledgements

  • Stewardship plans

  • Recognition programs

  • Recognition credit

  • Endowment tracking / Reporting

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February 25, 2010

Join us for a special DART preview

Blackbaud worked closely with the Constituent Design Team and made updates to our future DART system to meet U-M’s needs related to “constituents” (Entity information such as name, address, affiliations, relations, etc.)

See some of those changes and also conduct your own hands-on exploration of Blackbaud’s base product. Project and design team members will answer questions and give you an idea of system changes yet to come. (Note: “Revenue” functionality, such as endowment or other financial information will not be covered in this demo)

To attend, please register online for one of the following sessions:

  • Monday, March 15, 1-3PM, Wolverine Tower, Training Room 1
  • Tuesday, March 16, 9-11AM, Wolverine Tower, Training Room 4
  • Wednesday, March 17, 10AM-12PM, Wolverine Tower, Training Room 4

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January 26, 2010

Ready, Set, Go! DART Preview Next Month

Pilot previews of DART were recently shown to OUD Gift Officers and development staff at the Med School. Attendees offered suggestions on the most interesting features and functions included in the demo. Features and functions of highest interest to attendees :

The project team will incorporate this feedback for a recorded demo. They plan to offer the recording online next month. The team is also discussing a schedule for future demonstrations across campus as DART design moves forward.


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DART Survey Results

More than 800 development and finance professionals were invited to take a DART communication survey issued in December 2009. Findings indicate that support for the project is high and future communications need to focus on product information and capabilities. Respondents also shared ways to improve communications. Suggestions included:

  • Brief and bulleted monthly email messages

  • DART updates at Development Council meetings

  • Less video more text

  • Brief descriptions of what DART can do and what to expect

  • More links

  • Success stories from colleagues

In response, the DART team will send a brief recorded demonstration of DART next month. It will highlight some of the new functions and capabilities of DART over DAC.

DART Survey Results

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DART Project Updates

Blackbaud returned initial software configurations on Constituent data (biographical information). The configurations are based on specifications outlined by the Constituent Design Team . The project team and select community members are testing the configurations this month. In the meantime, work on other areas of DART continues.

Data Conversion
This team works steadily to create a new home for DAC data in DART. They are testing results of the first conversion and determining procedures to validate biographical data of people and organizations. The team is also moving forward with data mapping, working with the Revenue Management Team’s findings.

Online Community
The team focuses on how the new online portal will handle some revenue business processes. The group recently submitted7 different scenarios to Blackbaud for review. They will continue working closely with Blackbaud.

Annual Giving, Campaign Management and Prospect Research
This is the third group of design teams starting work on DART. They will follow a similar process as other design teams:

  • Prioritize needs

  • Provide specifications to Blackbaud

  • Respond to Blackbaud through programming

  • Test configured software

Design Team members:

Annual Giving

Joe Gagliardi, OUD - Co-Lead
Kathy Valley, UM Cancer Center - Co-Lead
Wendy Ascione, Rackham
Megan Doud, OUD
Lesley Hundley, OUD
Angie Peterson, OUD
Jim Reische, OUD Communications
Ted Schaefer, Ross School of Business
Billie Welty, Alumni Association
Hanah Wilkins, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Liz Woods, OUD

Campaign Management
Karen Isble, OUD - Lead
Patrick Franklin, OUD
Sheryl Szady, OUD
Jerry May, OUD, Advisory Group
Todd Baily, Law School, Advisory Group
Martha Luckham, College of Literature, Science and the Arts, Advisory Group
Ray Aldrich, Medical Development, Advisory Group

Prospect Research
Jennifer Ting, OUD – Lead
Joe Burman, College of Literature, Science and the Arts
Clint Grossnickle, OUD

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July 14, 2009

What are the biggest challenges facing DART Project members?

A Tour de DART slideshow, featuring members of the Project Management Core Team. In this presentation, learn more about each team member and what they think are the biggest challenges facing them on the project.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the window below.

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Download theslidecast transcript and the PowerPoint.

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Contract signing & Design Teams Kick-off on the horizon

A Tour de DART slide-cast by Larry Chaffee. In this section, recent project accomplishments and the racing milestones on the horizon. Since Fall 2008, we completed Fit Gap, gained funding approval, and started planning under an interim statement of work.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the window below.

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Download the audio transcript and PowerPoint

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July 13, 2009

What to expect as a volunteer

A Tour de DART slidecast by Larry Chaffee. In this section, Larry talks about the tasks for community resource group volunteers. He also describes Design Team cycles and activities and the big challenge in the Design Phase.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the window below.

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Download the audio transcript and PowerPoint

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It's not too late to volunteer

A Tour de DART slidecast by Larry Chaffee. In this section: Thanks to those who have already volunteered; An update on volunteer recruiting process; It’s not too late for those who are still interested; Volunteer forms are available in the resource section of the DART site.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the window below.

Download theslidecast transcript and PowerPoint

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Why cycling is a good analogy for the DART Project

A Tour de DART slidecast by Jefferson Porter. In this section: The importance of the DART project, the purpose of the monthly newsletter, and why cycling is an appropriate analogy.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the window below.

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May 12, 2009

Resource Group volunteer info packet

Information and sign up form for those interested in volunteering for design teams

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Design Team volunteer info packet

Information and sign up form for those interested in volunteering for design teams

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Volunteer for DART Design Team or Resource Group

We are seeking volunteers for Phase I of the DART Project. Some roles require more commitment than others. This presentation on project timeline, organization, and volunteer opportunities can help you decide what role you want to play in DART design. If you have questions about volunteering, please send them to caseaton@umich.edu.

To view this presentation full screen, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the window below.
Download the PPT for clickable hyperlinks to team and role descriptions.

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April 20, 2009

MAIS forming new organization

U-M is transforming information technology services by combining ITCS, ITSS, and MAIS. Laura Patterson will assume leadership of the new organization. Provost Teresa Sullivan and Chief Financial Officer Tim Slottow made the announcement in the URecord. The organizations will continue to provide their key IT products and services supporting the university's operation. See Spotlight for more information.

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April 07, 2009

Negotiations and Design Planning

We continue our contract negotiations with Blackbaud since securing funding from the IT Capital Projects Committee last month. Negotiations are complex, sensitive, and take time. We appreciate your ongoing support and hope to finalize a contract in the near future.

Project Preparation Builds
Larry Chaffee, our DART Project Manager, is keeping the project rolling through contract negotiations. He is filling in some of the key roles on the Project Team, which will be critical once a contract is signed. In addition, he is:

  • Identifying timeline and milestones, including phases of the project and targets for design, configuration, and testing of the new system

  • Defining the design approach by outlining design team roles, responsibilities and charges, as well as how teams will interact over the next year. We’ll be looking for volunteers and suggestions for team members once role descriptions are in place.

Future Project Communications
Next month we’ll launch a monthly communication from Larry Chaffee, which will provide a regular snapshot of the project progress and information for how to prepare for the new system.
You can also check the DART project site for announcements and resources.

  • Review archived emails and other resources to catch up on the project
  • Subscribe to the DART rss feed
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    February 24, 2009

    DART Funding Approved

    U-M Executive Officers approved funding (pending contract negotiations) to replace the current Donor, Alumni and Constituent (DAC) Database with a new Donor and Alumni Relationship Tool (DART).
    This marks a major milestone in the project. Approval granted by the following:

    • Teresa A. Sullivan, Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

    • Timothy P. Slottow, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    • Jerry A. May, Vice President for Development

    • Robert P. Kelch, Vice President for Medical Affairs and Chief Executive Officer of the Health System

    Successful Fit-Gap Evaluation Concluded
    The Fit-Gap evaluation gave the project team much valuable information about how to proceed.
    Read the DART Business Case Executive Summary for more details on the project team's evaluation and recommendations.

    Project Team moving on to Next Steps
    Next steps are to finalize negotiations with the vendor and create teams to move the project along. The project team will ask for participation from the development and financial communities once a project plan for implementing DART is in place.

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    DART Business Case Executive Summary (PDF) (62 KB)

    Fit-Gap evaluation and recommendations by DART Project Team

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    October 20, 2008

    Fit Gap Result Reporting in Progress

    (Project Update Oct. 2008) Gap identification has essentially been completed in functional, infrastructure, and project management/support areas. Capital Committee meeting to review Fit-Gap findings is scheduled for November 25, 2008, followed by a review with Executive Officers for the project. October Project Progress Report

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    Conference Room Pilot Methodology & Schedule (PDF) (94 KB)

    Overview of conference room pilot subject areas and schedule

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    Fit-Gap Project Governance Model (PDF) (637 KB)

    Outline of governance model and structure for Fit-Gap phase of project

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    Executive Kick-off Presentation (PDF) (882 KB)

    PowerPoint slides from executive project kick-off on June 25, 2008

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    Executive Kick-off Web Broadcast

    Recording of executive project kick-off held on June 25, 2008

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