April 10, 2009

New Guidelines will Help Manage Research Space

Today's Record Update highlights research space guidelines that will be used by Deans and other administrators to manage research space on the Ann Arbor campus. Read more at the Record Update.

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March 16, 2009

System to Capture Non-class Events in Classrooms

Current status on the project to record and maintain event data in a central system for all facilities used as classrooms.

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December 16, 2008

Updated Classroom Utilization Reports

To better reflect seat utilization data for classes, the following UM-Maintained Space Management Classroom Utilization reports have been updated to exclude "non-course" events scheduled in classroom space.
-- SM01 Spc Mng Classroom Utilization by Dept or Dept Grp for Term or Date Range
-- SM01 Spc Mng Classroom Utilization by Building for Term or Date Range

These revised reports contain changes to the seat utilization calculations to allow you to obtain more accurate utilization rates. Please obtain the latest version of these reports to effectively use the updated seat calculations.

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October 22, 2008

Provost's Space Utilization Initiative Web Site

Provost’s Web site detailing its initiative to explore the utilization of campus space and facilities

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October 17, 2008

Classroom Utilization Report announcement (PDF) (4 KB)

Details regarding 18 new U-M Maintained Reports available through the SM01 Space Management BusinessObjects Universe

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October 13, 2008

Classroom Utilization Information in BusinessObjects

18 UM-Maintained BusinessObjects reports provide a variety of classroom utilization data that you can use to report and analyze how effectively your classroom space is being used. Visit the MAIS Web site for a description of all 18 reports and the benefits of each.

In addition to these reports, Space Management data set users also have access to several Classroom Utilization tables to create ad hoc queries in the U-M Data Warehouse and corresponding SM01 BusinessObjects universe. Recent enhancements to these tables allow you to report classroom utilization by department group or within a specific date range.

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Classroom Utilization Information in M-Reports

The Space Report Library in M-Reports currently provides access to seven key reports that display a variety of classroom time and seat utilization information required by department managers, curriculum schedulers, facilities managers, and the Registrar’s Office. Visit the MAIS Web site for a description of all classroom utilization reports and their benefits.

In the future, M-Reports will provide comprehensive classroom utilization information in the form of a "scorecard" based on these reports. This visual representation of the data will enable units and the Office of the Provost to manage classroom space more effectively and to optimize classroom utilization at the unit and institutional level. Visit the Space Utilization Initiative Web site to learn more about the University’s target goals for classroom utilization.

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Non-Class Events in Classrooms

The Non-Class Events in Classrooms project will use M-Pathways to centrally capture the non-class events scheduled in classrooms. Inclusion of this data will allow display of all activities scheduled in classrooms and report the full utilization of classroom space.

The M-Pathways solution to capture non-class events in classrooms will include:

This project is a collaborative effort with the Office of the Registrar, Office of the Provost, academic units, and MAIS. For more information on this project, visit the Space Utilization Initiative Web site.

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