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January 25, 2008

Learn Turkish in Turkey!

Turkish, as a part of the Altaic language family, has many similarities with Finnish, Hungarian, Mongolian, Korean and Japanese. Turkish is written in the Latin alphabet, therefore it is easy to spell and pronounce.

LING 199: Turkish Language and Culture
In this course the fundamentals of Turkish language will be introduced through communicative activites relevant to your basic needs to live in and understand Turkish culture. Living in the heart of an old city and interacting with Turkish university students will increase your intercultural understanding and provide authentic language practice outside of the class. Visiting cultural and historical sites in Istanbul is an invaluable experience which will help you not only to understand Ottoman and Turkish culture, but also ancient Byzantine, Roman, and Greek cultures.
Program duration: May 12- June 7
Program Fee: $3350
INCLUDING: Round Trip Ticket, Airport Transfers, Accommodations in a 3 Star Hotel (, All Meals, Orientation, Excursions, Books
Scholarship Are Available!
For Additional Info Contact: Ercan BALCI, Ph.D.
Register at:
No Turkish language required! Registration Deadline: February 7,2008

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