February 20, 2008

Arabesk Studies in Damascus

We are Arabesk Studies in Damascus, a private team of professionals, located in the heart of Damascus , very specialized and perfectly experienced in Arabic language teaching for foreign students. Arabesk Studies is exclusively devoted to Arabic teaching.

We invite you to visit our website: www.arabeskstudiesindamascus.com/english/index1.htm

We believe that by specializing we are better able to understand and respond to the needs of international students. Our team of highly qualified teachers is of high calibre and provides the best teaching available. With our teachers, packages of studies and services and a perfect location, we believe that the combination between Arabesk Studies and Damascus is really the best to study Arabic.

Arabesk has facilitated study abroad for hundreds of individuals, students and specialists from top American and European universities and colleges in Middle East or Arabic Studies, or many other fields. Undergraduates and graduate students, professors from places like Princeton, Georgetown , Berkeley , Duke, Swarthmore and Middlebury, SOAS London, Cambridge , London School of Economics LSE, and other European university students have reported positive experiences of their time in Damascus through Arabesk.

From pre-departure until the end of your stay in Syria (even though we wish that you stay with us!!!), Arabesk provides a comprehensive facilitation of your time abroad with his package of studies and services. We offer Studies, all services related to studies and settlement in Damascus , accommodation in nice flats with Arab speakers or Damascene families, fieldtrips around Syria ....

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