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February 29, 2008

McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies

Georgetown University - McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies - Alanya, Turkey
Fall Semester in Turkey 2008

APPLICATION DEADLINE: March 10, 2008 http://mcgheecenter.georgetown.edu
The McGhee Center for Eastern Mediterranean Studies of Georgetown University is pleased to announce its Fall Semester in Turkey 2008 academic program. Housed in a magnificent Ottoman-era villa overlooking the Mediterranean, the program runs from August 30 – December 15, 2008 and offers in-depth exposure to the history and culture of the Eastern Mediterranean, the landscape of contemporary Turkey, and the political, economic, and cultural forces shaping this region today.

Students at the McGhee Center receive an unparalleled introduction to Turkey in all its modern and historical dimensions – from the halls of Parliament to the footsteps of Alexander the Great, from the streets of Istanbul to the villages of central Anatolia, from Crusader castles and Mediterranean beaches to modern Turkey’s vibrant and rapidly changing cities.

Courses offered in Fall 2008 include:
• Cultural Geography of Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean (INAF-377)
• Gender and Islam in Modern Turkey
• Turkey and the European Union: Issues in International Migration
• History of the Crusades (HIST-106)
• History of Architecture: Monuments of Southern Turkey (AMTH-008)
• Turkish Language (All Levels)

The program travels extensively in Turkey, including a two-week Orientation in Istanbul and Ankara, with additional excursions to Edirne, Bursa, Konya, Antalya, and other sites of cultural and historical importance. A ten-day mid-semester excursion to Syria and southeastern Turkey provides a comparative perspective on the region.
Located in the city of Alanya, the McGhee Center is ideally situated for the study of Turkey and the Eastern Mediterranean as a crossroads of civilizations. Students take their classes and meals at the villa, which also houses a library, study facilities, and gardens with views of the Mediterranean. Students are housed nearby in fully furnished apartments.

The McGhee Center is open to both Georgetown and non-Georgetown students and accepts applicants from a wide range of academic backgrounds and majors, including European, Middle Eastern, and Eurasian Studies; International Affairs; Classical Studies; History; Geography; Art History; Cultural Studies; and more.

A limited number of partial scholarships will be awarded in Fall 2008. All admitted students will receive automatic consideration.
Application forms, scholarship information, and course descriptions are available on our NEW website: http://mcgheecenter.georgetown.edu
For more information please contact: Ms. Polly Robey, Office of International Programs
Georgetown University, (202) 687-5867, pss26@georgetown.edu

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