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September 29, 2008

Center for World Performance Studies - Graduate Student Residency Program

The CWPS Graduate Student Residency is open to graduate students interested in international performance studies who seek a more interdisciplinary and cross-cultural approach than is possible within given departmental structures. The Residency is designed to help students strengthen their analytic skills and develop an awareness of the theoretical and aesthetic issues that have fueled debates in the field. Students pursue performance studies in an interdisciplinary fashion and gain an appreciation of performance studies as a discipline with an established intellectual history.

Graduate students in their first or second year of study intending to pursue field-based research are eligible and are encouraged to apply. Residency students must make a three-semester commitment to the Center.

Three Semester Commitment:

Semester 1 (Winter) – Graduate student residents take the graduate level "Introduction to Performance Studies" course which is offered each January in the Department of Theatre & Drama. The course prepares students for the theoretical aspects of their summer research projects. Students prepare proposals for their summer project.

Summer 1 - Research abroad.

Semester 2 (Fall) - Graduate student residents participate in a two-credit interdisciplinary seminar devoted in part to presentation of their research, and they will take an active part in the scholarly programming of the Center.

Semester 3 (Winter) - Graduate student residents, with guidance from the Director, plan and implement public presentations of their work, either in a mini-conference, symposium, or another format, as determined.

Summer 2 - Research abroad.

Summer Research Funding:
Graduate Student Residents receive a restricted research fund of $3,000.00, for a preliminary visit to an overseas research site, or for specialized language training necessary for dissertation research. To apply for these funds, students must submit a detailed proposal with a budget. Residents are eligible for two summer funding packages. Follow-up reports must be presented after completing the preliminary research/training activities.

Application Procedure:
Students for the residency are selected by the CWPS Steering Committee. To apply for the residency, please submit:
-A two or three page letter of purpose describing your proposed research.
-Two letters of support from a faculty advisor and/or departmental Director of Graduate Studies.
-An official grade transcript.

Applications should be submitted by November 3, 2008 to:
CWPS Graduate Residency
International Institute
1080 S. University Suite 3616
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1106

Phone: (734) 936-2777
E-mail: cwps@umich.edu
Website: www.ii.umich.edu/cwps

Posted by kpfister at September 29, 2008 11:05 AM

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