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August 19, 2009

Call for articles: Nationalism and the Arab-Israeli relationship

Call for Articles on Nationalism and the Arab-Israeli Relationship
A special op-ed series on Nationalism and the Arab-Israeli relationship

Overview: Nationalism, devotion to one's own nation in a particular land, is a central and complicated theme in Israeli-Arab relations. Throughout history, nationalism has empowered nations to reach great heights, but also to commit violent atrocities in pursuit or defense of national identity. The historical narratives underlying Palestinian nationalism are very different from those that have shaped Israeli nationalism. But both sides equate national self-determination with political sovereignty and statehood. Each nation seeks to realize political sovereignty in a land to which they both have strong historical ties. For many people on either side, realizing their own national aspirations in this land can only be achieved at the expense of the other side.

CGNews-ME is compiling a series of opinion pieces to critically and constructively examine nationalism in the Arab-Israeli relationship.

Author Guidelines: Please see the Writer's Guide. The series is open to all writers. We encourage individual and Palestinian-Israeli co-written pieces by journalists, historians, social and political scientists, religious figures, educators and other professionals in related fields. Writers are invited to reflect on the way nationalism is expressed within their own communities and propose constructive ways to use these understandings to transform the conflict.

Possible Questions for Consideration(optional/other issues welcomed):
* What is Palestinian nationalism? What is Israeli nationalism? How are they different? What do they share?
* From a historical/comparative point of view, what role does nationalism play in the collective identity of a people? How do Jewish understandings of Zionism and Muslim understandings of the Ummah play into these collective identities?
* How does religion impact Israeli and Palestinian nationalism? What role does the relationship between religion and nationalism play in shaping the historical narratives of the two peoples and how does it play out in the conflict?
* Can national aspirations only be achieved through political sovereignty?
* How does our own nationalism shape our understanding of the other and our relationship with the other?
* Do nationalities need to be mutually exclusive e.g. Palestinians holding Israeli citizenship? What are some solution-oriented approaches to conflicted nationalities, particularly in the Israeli-Palestinian context?
* Is it possible to imagine a multinational society in Israel and the Palestinian territories? What would that mean in terms of a two-state solution?


Language: Articles may be submitted in Arabic, English or Hebrew.

Length of Article: 750 words (English) 600-650 words (Arabic and Hebrew)

Publication: Series begins 27 August 2009. Articles accepted will be published in CGNews-ME and will be actively promoted for publication in other regional and international media outlets.

Submission: Please submit articles to Keren Hendin (khendin@sfcg.org)

Honorarium: $100.00. CGNews reserves the right of unlimited republications.

CGNews-Middle East is an independent source of opinion that disseminates fresh, solution-oriented thinking on the Arab-Israeli relationship to media outlets and individual subscribers worldwide, free of charge.

Posted by kpfister at August 19, 2009 11:30 AM

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