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November 06, 2009

Michigan University Model Arab League

The Michigan University Model Arab League will be held February 18-20, 2010 at Grand Valley State University. Please see the attached documents and our website (www.ncusar.org/modelarableague) for more information.

What is the Model Arab League?
Since its founding in 1983, Model Arab League has been the leading program in the United States for giving students hands-on experience with the regional and international politics of the Arab World. Tens of thousands of students have graduated from the program, and many have gone on to leading positions in business, government, and academia. During this upcoming school year more than 2,000 students representing over 220 schools will participate in the University and High School Model programs.

A highly competitive academic activity, the Model Arab League simulates meetings of the League of Arab States. Participating delegations become diplomats for the weekend and represent one of the League’s 22 member states in both general and specialized councils. Students draft resolutions addressing the important regional and global issues outlined in an Agenda that closely mirrors real world Arab League issues. These resolutions are debated in moderated council sessions following rules of parliamentary procedure. If passed, these council resolutions are presented to the entire conference during a Summit Session for closing debate and a final vote.

What do students gain from competing in the Model Arab League?
The Model Arab League provides students an in-depth understanding of the world’s oldest regional body and deepens their knowledge of the history, culture, religion, economics, and politics of both their assigned country and the region as a whole. Through active participation in a model, students develop and sharpen skills in debate, consensus-building, critical thinking, parliamentary procedure, and public speaking. By arguing the positions and foreign policy objectives of the Arab States, model participants gain personal insights and a meaningful understanding of the issues underlying U.S.-Arab relations.

Throughout a model, participants are evaluated both their peers and by judges. Awards are presented to outstanding participants based on their individual accomplishment and overall team achievement. In addition to our awards, outstanding Model Arab League participants are given preferential consideration for National Council internships in Washington, D.C. and for participation in our study abroad programs to Egypt, Morocco, Kuwait, and Yemen.

Where do Model Arab Leagues take place?

There are currently 10 University and 2 High School Model Arab League simulations across the country. In addition, a National University Model and a National High School Model are held in Washington D.C.

Can I get my school involved in Model Arab League?
Absolutely! Starting a team does not have to be overwhelming. Some teams function as small student clubs while others exist within school sponsored organizations with year round activities. You might even find your school able to offer course credit for participating. Please feel free to browse our Web site or contact the National Council for more information and suggestions on how to start a team.

How do I prepare for the Model Arab League?
As a start, the National Council’s Web site, http://www.ncusar.org/modelarableague, contains many helpful resources. From our site you can obtain the Model Arab League Handbook, which contains our rules of parliamentary procedure, links to help you begin your research, and topic guides provided by the secretariat of the National University Model. You should also consult your faculty advisor on where to locate resources with current information on your assigned country’s background and major foreign policy objectives.

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