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April 25, 2011

Dar al Islam Teachers' Institute: Understanding and Teaching About Islam

Dar al Islam Teachers' Institute: Understanding and Teaching About Islam

July 5-17, 2011
Abiquiu, New Mexico

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Priority deadline
extended to May 9th.

Dar al Islam is pleased to offer the 21st annual residential Teachers'
Institute during the summer of 2011! Classes on Islamic faith,
practice, history and culture are taught by university professors and
Islamic Scholars from the U.S. and abroad. Participants will become
more familiar with resources and with ideas for integrating those
resources into social studies, religion or world history curriculum.
While the focus of this Institute is on secondary school teachers, we
have and will host other professionals, such as higher education
institution faculty and staff, curriculum developers, and museum

This program is free of charge! Dar al Islam will provide books and
supplementary teaching materials, on-site room and board, and
transportation to and from the Albuquerque International Airport.
(Participants pay their roundtrip travel expenses to New Mexico.) The
program held at Dar al Islam's campus, designed by the world famous
Egyptian architect Hassan Fathy, in the breathtaking mountains of
Abiquiu, New Mexico, which is one hour north of Santa Fe.
Participants, faculty, and staff are all housed on the campus,
allowing for a great deal of learning through informal conversations
and interactions.

For more information about Dar al Islam and the Teachers Institute,
including a full brochure, video, and application, visit us online at
www.daralislam.org. If you have any questions, contact Rehana Shafi
at InstituteDirector@daralislam.org.

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Institute of Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University Annual Graduate Student Conference

Institute of Comparative Literature and Society at Columbia University Annual Graduate Student Conference

Deadline for application: September 5, 2011
Date of conference: November 11, 2011

Institutionalizing Interdisciplinarity

Interdisciplinary institutions, as an outgrowth of the comparative framework were conceived as a formal acknowledgement that a single disciplinary lens has been insufficient for analyzing still emerging objects of study; objects that cut not only through university departments, but through existing discourses, histories, genres, periodizations, languages, archives and geographies.

This challenge to traditional disciplines has been met with an equally strong trend towards forming interdisciplinary institutions along axes of utility and around problem based foci. These institutions offer new support frameworks (either replacing or reconfiguring the Cold War era Area Studies support structures) for applied research in addition to opening up new occasions for corporate involvement within the increasingly market-driven University.

Papers may cover a broad range of topics, and may address either, both or other institutional paradigms. We call for papers that take on interdisciplinary institutions as their object as well as papers that are demonstrations of new directions in interdisciplinary work, especially under the aegis of an interdisciplinary institution. In the case of the latter, in the interest of generating productive conversations we ask that your paper clearly demonstrate your use of extra-disciplinary techniques, and that you be prepared to discuss your paper in those terms (whether these techniques are native to or lie outside of conventional disciplinary formations).

Possible panels/topics include:

*Instrumentalizing interdisciplinary paradigms
*Borrowing disciplinary techniques: How have new (or revived) paradigms of reading helped to reconceptualize objects of study? Conversely how have these objects exerted pressure on the creation of new and/or extra-disciplinary perspectives?
*The fate of area studies, interdisciplinarity after the Cold War.
*The crisis in the humanities—interdisciplinary answers.
*The “global” university

Please send a 400-500 word abstract to the following e-mail address no later than Monday, September 5, 2011: iclsgradstudentconference2011@gmail.com

Please direct all inquiries to the email address above.

We will notify students no later than September 15th of their acceptance. We request final drafts of the paper no later than November 1st.

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April 20, 2011

International Conference on "Islam in Africa: Historical, Cultural and Global Perspectives"

International Conference on "Islam in Africa: Historical, Cultural and Global Perspectives"

The International Institute for Muslim Unity (IIMU) in collaboration with the International Institute of Islamic Thought and Civilization (ISTAC), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizing, and Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) will be organizing an International Conference on “Islam in Africa: Historical, Cultural, and Global Perspectives”.

The conference will be held from 19th- 21st July, 2011 (17th - 19th Syaaban 1431 AH) in the International Islamic University Malaysia, IIUM.

Taking into account scholarly contribution and interest in this field, it would be an honor if people could contribute to this important academic conference by writing a paper and sharing valuable knowledge or by attending the conference as a participant. The dimensions of the conference are as follows:

-Spread of Islam in Africa
-Developments and challenges in the study of Islam in Africa
-Sources of Islam in Africa
-Islamic heritage in Africa
-Transformation processes and Islam in Africa
-Historical, cultural and global dimensions of Islam in Africa
-Curricular of Islamic studies in schools and universities
-Islamic political, judicial and educational institutions in Africa
-Sufi Orders and their religious and socio-political roles in Africa
-Islam in Asia and Africa: Comparative studies
-African Muslims in the Diaspora
-Islah and Tajdid movements in Africa
-Dialogue between Islam and other religions in the African context.

For more information, please visit the official website at www.iiu.edu.my/iimu or email at iia2011.english@gmail.com.

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April 14, 2011

Mada’s First Conference for Palestinian PhD Students

Mada’s First Conference for Palestinian PhD Students

Mada al-Carmel, the Arab Center for Applied Social Research in Haifa, will hold its first conference for Palestinian Ph.D Students on August 8, 2011.

The conference aims to stimulate scholarly dialogues, advance sharing of research and experiences, and promote the new generation of researchers.

PhD students in local or foreign universities in the areas of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Law are invited to send an application for presenting a paper by May 12, 2011, by email to Ms. Einas Odeh Haj at einas@mada-research.org

Applications should include:

- Abstract (of 400-500 words) in Arabic or English.
- Short bio not exceeding 5 lines.
- Official university certificate of PhD registration.

Selected candidates will be notified by end of June 2011. Mada will not cover costs related to travel or accommodation for participating researchers. Few small grants are available to help partially cover international travel expenses. Grants will be offered on need and merit bases.

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