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May 06, 2011

Summer 2011 Arabic Language Immersion in Muscat (ALIM)

Summer 2011 Arabic Language Immersion in Muscat (ALIM)

The World Learning Oman Center ("WorLOC") has many years of experience teaching intensive Arabic language programs to students from around the world. WorLOC is known for the quality of their teaching and the quick speaking abilities of students, most of whom also live with Omani families while they study on the campus.

WLOC is located in Muscat, with a direct view of the Arabian Sea only 100 meters away. Within the campus are faculty offices, classrooms, a library and kitchen where some 200 students and professionals come each year to learn, travel, and immerse in Gulf and Omani culture.

World Learning in Brattleboro, Vermont, is the parent campus which has been operating study abroad programs since 1932. Their programs are fullyaccredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The Oman Center is directed by Dr. J. Larry Brown, a longtime educator who served on the faculty of Harvard University and also as Board Chair of Oxfam.

Classes may be taken forcredit or noncredit. All Arabic language classes are taught by a highly skilled and experienced team of Omanis. All teachers are Omani native speakers with a formal professional education as language teachers and experience in teaching Arabic to foreign students.

ALIM: Arabic Language Immersion in Muscat
Level: Intermediate (two years of university Arabic or the equivalent)
Instruction: Modern Standard Arabic, media literacy, passive comprehension and active use of "educated speech" (lughatalmuthaqqafeen) as used on Al Jazeera
Textbook: Al Kitaab fii Taalum Al Arabiya II (and authentic media material)
Program dates: June 10-July 21, 2011 (six weeks)
Schedule: Four hours daily, five days a week (three hours of classroom instruction and one hour in conversation with a peer facilitator)
Instructors: Native Omani Arabic speakers, with formal AFL training and experience teaching foreign university students and other international audiences
Cultural activities: Lectures and films, museum visits, interactions with peer facilitators, participation in homestay family leisure activities
Class size: Two classes, six students each
Excursions: Weekend trips to interior villages and wadis.

Included in program fees:
-Arabic language program
-Homestay accommodations (includes breakfast and dinner daily)
-Lunch during the week (Omani, Turkish, Pakistani and Lebanese food)
-Cultural events, such as lectures and films
-Airport pick up from Muscat International Airport
-Renewable visa
-Transportation between homestay and World Learning Oman Center

Not included in program fees:
-Airfare to/from Oman
-Arrival visa (20 OMR at Muscat Airport)
-Textbook: Al Kitaab fii Taalum Al Arabiya II (available for purchase)
-Weekend excursions to interior villages and wadis (optional)

APPLICATION DEADLINE MAY 29. Program space is limited to 12. First applicants given priority.

Application Form
Summer 2011 ALIM Application:

About the National Council on U.S.Arab Relations Founded in 1983, the National Council on U.S.Arab Relations is an American nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational organization dedicated to improving American knowledge and understanding of the Arab world. The Council has been granted public charity status in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All contributions are taxdeductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. The National Council does not employ or retain a lobbyist.

The National Council's vision is a relationship between the United States and its Arab partners, friends, and allies that rests on as solid and enduring a foundation as possible. Such a foundation, viewed from both ends of the spectrum, is one that would be characterized by strengthened and expanded strategic, economic, political, commercial, and defense cooperation ties; increased joint ventures; a mutuality of benefit; reciprocal respect for each other's heritage and values; and overall acceptance of each other's legitimate needs, concerns, interests, and objectives.

The National Council's mission is educational. It seeks to enhance American awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the Arab countries, the Mideast, and the Islamic world. Its means for doing so encompass but are not limited to programs for leadership development, peopletopeople exchanges, lectures, publications, an annual ArabU.S. Policymakers Conference, and the participation of American students and faculty in Arab world study experiences. As a public service, the Council also serves as an information clearinghouse and participant in national, state, and local grassroots outreach to media, think tanks, and select community, civic, educational, religious, business, and professional associations. In these ways the Council helps strengthen and expand the overall ArabU.S. relationship.

National Council on U.S.Arab Relations
1730 M St. NW, Suite 503, Washington, DC
Phone: 2022936466 | Fax: 2022937770

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Jordan Language Academy--Summer Complete Immersion Program: 2011

Jordan Language Academy--Summer Complete Immersion Program: 2011

Dates: Starts on the 25th of June and Ends on the 18th of August
Days of the Week: Sunday - Thursday
Timing: 9: a.m. - 3:00 p.m. (5 teaching hours with one hour break)
Staff Members: Our staff members are highly qualified professors and instructors who have very impressive knowledge and experience in their fields. All of them are specialized in the subjects they teach and have the experience and publications that make us proud of having them all with us.

Tuition Fees: 1050 Jordanian Dinars
Group Rates: 930 Jordanian Dinars (A group is 5 or more students)
A Jordanian Dinar is equivalent to 1.4 US $ and approximately 0.87 British Pound. Our rates do not include housing, food, excursions and entrance fees to Jordanian sites. Students can borrow textbooks from the Academy and hand them by the end of the course. You can bring your textbook with you as it is cheap overseas. Jordan Language Academy offers very special group rates.

Total Number of Hours: 200 contact hours.

A: Language: The language program is divided into 3 major levels are beginners, intermediate and advanced. All these levels include the four major skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Special emphasis is put on grammar, vocabulary and conversational skills. The standard percentage of dialect is 20%, although many institutions ask for more or less than this percentage. JLA expresses flexibility on this regard n order to meet the different needs of its students. Each level has its standard curricula and textbooks.

B: Culture: Parallel to the language program we have a cultural program that includes Arabic literature, Calligraphy, Archaeology of Jordan, Arabic society, Arabic media, Arabic music, Middle East political issues, Arabic culture (traditions, customs, costumes and Arabic cooking). Advanced programs include language, culture, clubs, and basic courses in translation and interpretation.
Clubs: JLA has the following clubs to encourage students using the language and familiarizing themselves with the culture:

- Chatting Club: students will have the chance to sit and chat with a native speaker of Arabic according to a schedule of topics that enforce the topics they studied in classroom. In this club students will have a more spontaneous conversation and can learn from their own mistakes.
- Book Club: The book club is arranged by your professors. Your professors will suggest an Arabic book to be read every fortnight. The professor will give a general presentation on the blogs on the JLA website. During the week, students and the professor will discuss online the main themes, the plot, the style of the writer etc. This proved to be a very informative and useful method to our students as they can learn a lot from their professors and from each other.
- Cinema Club: In this club, very selective Arabic films and documentaries are presented to our students at a regular basis.
- Cooking Club: One of our enthusiastic teachers will introduce major Arabic and Jordanian and Middle Eastern dishes to our students. Students will participate in preparing dishes and enjoy the food after that.

In some cases, if the students' number in a course or program is three or less, we have the right to change the course from a full/part- time format into tutoring format. Students are always welcome to suggest a course to the JLA administration, which will be very positively considered. We are always ready to tune our courses to meet our students’ needs. Please do not hesitate to give us your comments and suggestions so we can be of help to you.

Teaching Methodology: Our approach is mainly communicative. We believe in interactive and dynamic methodology. It proved to be very effective in the development of students' communication skills. In most of our classes, students are given good chances to practice and develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

The communicative method belief is that it is important not to be restricted by a specific Arabic language textbook. Although we rely on Al-Kitaab and other series, we never feel that textbooks must be used from cover to cover. They should only be used as tool, as a starting-point. With a little inspiration and imagination, an Arabic language textbook can be manipulated and rendered for a more communicative purpose. Teachers must free themselves from it, rely more on their own command of language and professional expertise as to what linguistic items, skills, idioms, phrases, words, need to be drilled, exploited and extended.

We do not want you to know Arabic without being able to use it. We want you to use it, practice it. Language is a practical skill you need to develop through practice, not only something you need to learn. That is why our teaching method focuses on the development of the four skills: speaking, listening, reading & writing.

Our staff members are highly qualifies professors and instructors who have very impressive knowledge and experience in their fields. All of them are specialized in the subjects they teach and have the experience and publications that make us proud of having them all with us.

Each course syllabus is built and prepared for each subject under reliable and objective measures of linguistic ability and details the specific contents and skills that students should learn and acquire in each level.

Although we are very confident that we offer the best service, we will be always happy to receive your comments and suggestions to meet our students' expectations.

Placement Test: On the first day of study students will sit for a skill placement test. The placement test will evaluate your skill level and place you in the right class.
Development Test: By the end of the course students sit for a development test so JLA and students and if applicable their institutions will have a detailed idea about their skill development.
Course Evaluation Report: Students will be asked to fill a Course Evaluation form so JLA can get their feedback and comments on courses, instruction, etc so we can protect our standards. And make sure that our standards are consistent in all classes and sections.
Library: Jordan Language Academy has an agreement with ACOR (American Center of Oriental Research)
Our students are always welcome to use the rich library of ACOR.
Research Libraries Specializing in Jordan and the Middle East:
-Council of British Research in the Levant
-German Protestant Institute of Archaelogy
-Institut français du Proche-Orient-
-British Council

Important libraries in Jordan:
-Abdul Hamid Shoman Library
-National Library of Jordan
-Jordan University Main Library
-Yarmouk University Library (Irbid)

Speakers: We have a regular program of guest speakers. Our speakers are well-known distinguished people in many cultural fields.
Flexibility: JLA offers tailor-made programs that meet the needs of learners. We can arrange programs and courses to one or more students according to their specific and technical needs. We have done that several times for students from different countries and reached excellent results. These courses can be offered anytime of the year.
Excursion: Learning Arabic is not restricted to classroom education and weekdays. JLA offers a range of optional full and half-day excursions to nearby archaeological sites, natural treasures of Jordan and cultural activities and events. Your professors, specialized tour guides, or archaeologists will accompany you in your tours. Students will be encouraged to practice their Arabic in these excursions. These excursions can be combined with lessons or private tutoring. Tours are usually arranged in weekends.
Volunteer Work: JLA is very keen to find natural cultural opportunities for its students to further immerse in the Arabic culture. Students can strengthen their knowledge of the social life, economic pattern, cultural norms and customs etc, by complementing their language learning experience in an authentic environment far from books and classrooms. We find volunteer work opportunities for our students in the Jordanian institutions. These opportunities are dominated by students' skills, commitment, and their backgrounds from one side and the opportunities available in the Jordanian institutions at a given time.
Our Location:
Jordan Language Academy
29 Al - Bader Street (7th Circle)
To Google our location, please visit: http://jordanla.com/jordan/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=95&Itemid=300051

Our Contact Details:
P.O. Box 5537 Amman 11953
Mobile +962 77 950 2229
Telephone : + 962 6 5820986
FAX: + 962 6 5820985
Amman - Jordan

Accommodation: Students can choose any of the following options of accommodation in Amman while studying at JLA:
1) Home stay: JLA arranges home stay with local families (according to availability) who are carefully selected. In this case, two-three meals will be served by the host family.
2) Furnished Apartment: JLA can rent furnished apartments for students
3) Hotel: JLA can arrange a long hotel stay in a nearby neighborhood.
All these options can be arranged for singles or families.
For more details please contact us.

Internet & Free WI-FI: We offer our students free High Speed Wireless Internet Access in all parts of JLA. Students are welcome to bring their laptops and connect to the internet in any part of the JLA.
Assistance: The JLA staff, academic and administrative, take care of the students' needs for the complete duration of their stay. They are always available to give students every kind of information and to offer any kind of help they may need.

Academic Credit: Jordan Language Academy can help in arranging academic credit on an individual basis. If student are in a university or college and they like to receive academic credit at their home institution, they need to pass final exams for all the Arabic courses at JLA. Students should discuss in advance with their professor on their campus their desire to transfer credits and have the professor sign the appropriate part of the application form. Students may choose to be graded on an A, B, C, D, F scale, or PASS/FAIL.

A written summary of course work and individual achievement will be provided for any student applying for university credit. We can provide your home institution with course syllabi, course descriptions, and course schedules to help them approve the classes. Once you have begun taking courses here we can continue to communicate with your home institution with attendance sheets, grades, and progress reports. And finally, upon course completion, an official transcript is provided.

Your courses can be certified by the following institutions:

1- Jordan Language Academy:
We offer two types of certificates:
- A certificate of attendance: this can be offered to all students who attend classes regularly.
- A certificate of passing courses examinations: this can be offered after passing final exams for all or some Arabic courses. If students choose to receive this kind of certificate they should sit for a final exam and receive grades. An official transcript is issued with this certificate. This type of certificates can be offered to all or part of the courses you study.

2- American Consultants for Training (ACT)
American Consultants for Training is a leading international organization based in Texas, USA, that provides training, career development and consultation services for educational institutes as well as businesses around the world.

ACT offers a world's leading range of certificates based upon an international standardized assessment scheme which was developed in accordance with The American Association for training and consultation.

If you choose to be assessed by ACT you need to express interest at least 8 weeks before the end of your course.

3- Jordanian Association of Translators and Applied Linguists
The Jordanian Association of Translators and Applied Linguists is an official Jordanian organization based in Amman. The Association offers certificates after they refer to the records, reports and a summary of course work offered by JLA. The Association offers two types of certificates:
1- A certificate of attendance: this can be offered to all students who attend classes regularly
2- A certificate of passing courses examination: this can be offered after passing final exams.

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