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September 13, 2011

International Youth Leadership Conference

International Youth Leadership Conference
United Arab Emirates, December 10th - 15th, 2011


Join students from around the world for the leadership experience of a lifetime! Our week-long youth forum on world politics,international relations and justice will give you an opportunity to; test your leadership skills, debate current issues, deliver speeches, draft resolutions, make executive decisions and realize through experience the complexities of international relations.

The main objective of the International Youth Leadership Conference is to facilitate an exchange of ideas across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders. Their interaction provokes communication and dialogue that, throughout the week, provides an unparalleled learning experience and cross-cultural adventure.

The International Youth Leadership Conference in the United Arab Emirates will welcome over 120 students from more than 35 different countries for an open-minded exchange of diverse perspectives on contemporary global challenges. This week-long forum on world politics, international relations and justice will bring together prominent university students from across the globe for an open-minded exchange of ideas concerning the future of world leadership.

Our goal is to facilitate dialogue and cooperation across an ethnically diverse and socially responsible group of young international leaders. The Conference is designed to encourage social interaction and networking in a cross-cultural learning environment.


DAY 1 (Sunday)
Arrival and Welcome
• Check-In
• Registration
• Opening Ceremonies
• Gala Dinner
• Keynote Speeches
• First Group Meeting
• Getting to know everybody

DAY 2 (Monday)
The Middle East and the Wider World Day
• Breakfast
• Panel Discussion: Using new media as a tool for resistance
• Planning, development and strategy session – Arab League Crisis Meeting: Introduction and preparation
• Group Debate
• Lunch
• Site Visits (Cultural)
• Dinner
• Simulation (Arab League Summit)

DAY 3 (Tuesday)
Law and Legislation Day
• Breakfast
• Panel Discussion: Arab Spring
• Group Debate: ICC Preparation
• Lunch
• Reception with partners, speakers and diplomats
• ICC Simulation
• Dinner
• Culture Night

DAY 4 (Wednesday)
Leadership and Policy Day
• Breakfast
• Leadership workshop
• Round Tables: Regional projects
• Planning Development and Strategy Session – WTO Introduction
• Group Discussion: Political Forces
• Lunch
• Planning, Development and Strategy Session (WTO)
• Desert Safari
• Dinner
• Final preparations for WTO

DAY 5 (Thursday)
Plenary Day
• Breakfast
• Plenary Session (DIFC)
• Lunch
• Time to see Dubai
• Final Group Session
• Assessments and Evaluations
• Closing Ceremonies and Gala Dinner

DAY 6 (Friday)
Goodbye and Farewell
• Breakfast
• IYLN presentation
• Check-out & Departures


IYLC UAE fee is 1140 EUR

Conference fee includes:
- 5 nights accommodation at the conference venue
- All meals
- All local transportation
- Airport greeting
- All field trips, site visits, guest lectures, panel discussions and workshops
- All receptions and networking events
- membership to IYLN.org social network
- Certificate of Achievement

Currencies other than Euro will be converted in accordance with the exchange rates indicated by www.xe.com on the day of the payment receipt. Any questions regarding the payment arrangement should be directed to payments@czechleadership.com. Official invoices will be made available upon request.

Please use one of the following methods to make your conference fee payment:

1.Wire Transfer (SWIFT or IBAN)**

Ceskoslovenska Obchodni Banka, a.s.
Radlicka 333/150, 150 57, Praha 5
Czech Republic

Please see more details below under important notes
-For Payments in USD:
CZ 78 0300 0000000235312148
-For Payments in EUR:
CZ 96 0300 0000000235311727

Youth Leadership Europe
Ripska 24, Praha 3 130 00, Czech

IYLC-Dubai Participant – “Your Name”

2. American Express Card

There is no surcharge on AmEx payments. To make your payment by AmEx, please provide the following details:
- name of the card holder as it appears on the card
- number of the card
- expiration date
- billing address

By e-mail: payments@czechleadership.com
By phone: +420 222 363 269

3. PayPal To:

(Please follow these instructions carefully!)

1) Please put your full name in the payment when you submit your wire transfer. This enables us to verify that the payment was made on your behalf. If someone else is making the payment on your behalf they must indicate the same as above so that we can apply the payment to your attendance and thereby reserve your spot 100%. If we are not able to identify the payment as being yours we cannot apply it to your attendance.

2) A. You are responsible for any wire transfer fees from your bank. We are responsible for the fees in-curred from our bank, but yours will charge a fee as well. We reserve the right to ask you to pay us the outstanding amount in cash upon your arrival if you do not pay for your bank’s fees at the time of the transfer.
B. Please make sure your bank sends the payment in the respective currency of the account you’re sending it to, i.e. that payments sent in USD are sent to our USD account, EUR amounts sent to EUR account, etc. Otherwise, you might be facing a high fee for the currency exchange the bank has to per-form. (We mention this especially as we’ve had participants before who lost money on banking fees for this specific reason.) In other words, we have more than one account so that applicants can choose to at least some degree what currency they want to send their fee in.

3) Please pay special attention to the use of the IBAN. When submitting your payment via wire transfer, the beneficiary’s account number in the IBAN (International Bank Account Number)format is more or less COMPULSORY. If you don’t use it, the bank or an intermediary bank that sends the payment may charge a considerable additional transfer fee for having to look the number up. Using the IBAN will thus also speed up the transfer process. When inquiring with your bank as to how to make a wire transfer abroad, it is best to give them both formats, though the IBAN itself should suffice.

The regular formats of our account numbers are as follows:
-EUR account: 235311727-0300
-USD account: 235312148-0300
-CZK account: 235284132-0300

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and refund requests made more than 120 days prior to the conference will receive a 75% refund. Refund requests filed more than 90 and less than 120 days before the conference will be honored with a 50% return of fees. If you file your refund request more than 60 and less than 90 days before the conference, you will be honored with a 25% return of fees. We are unable to honour any refund on requests made less than 60 days before the conference. If you must defer your attendance to the following session we will simply move your attendance and no refund will be necessary.

Youth Leadership Europe o.s.
Řipská 24, Prague 3
130 00, Czech Republic
Tel: +420 222 363 269

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