January 21, 2013

CVC Tech Squad 2013

Please see below information posted to the MWRC MBlog - http://mblog.lib.umich.edu/MWRC/.

Welcome back for the Winter 2013 semester, and thank you for volunteering with us. Your volunteering helps to make our Tech Program a success.

Re: Absences.
All absences should be reported before 8am the day of your shift or earlier if possible. Please do both - call and email, 734/232-4120 (leaving voice message is okay), and email both Beverly and cc: Amy Schroer (our new Librarian manager) at bmckinne@med.umich.edu and alsc@med.umich.edu. All absences can be made up on the same day at a different time or subbing for someone else a different day. Below are calendar and contact info on the CVC-MWRC intranet. Thank you. Beverly

Volunteers contact information
Tech Squadl (iPod) Squad volunteers calendar

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November 28, 2012


Welcome to Amy Schroer. Amy is the new Patient Education Librarian for the Mardigian Wellness Resource Center (MWRC), UM Cardiovascular Center and the Patient Education Resource Center (PERC), UM Comprehensive Cancer Center. Amy started November 12, 2012.

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Re: CVC Tech Squad Schedule - Winter 2013 / Please reply

Thank you for your help during Fall 2012. Please contact Beverly at bmckinne@med.umich.edu to confirm if you’re also volunteering Winter 2013. If you’re returning, I need to know which day and shift. I will then forward your confirmation info to Volunteer Services. Our contact there is Karen Shill (kshill@med.umich.edu or 734-763-9567) before Friday, 12/14/2012.


To renew your placement and/or change the time of your shift, contact us via phone, email, or walk-in during the Grace Period to discuss your schedule with a Volunteer Coordinator. Grace Period for Returning Student Volunteers (for Winter Term, 2013): Tuesday, November 27, 2012 through Friday, December 14, 2012 (Monday thru Friday between 9:00am 4:00pm.)

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Thank you for all of your great help; we appreciate the good work you do for us.

Re: Absences. Please do both, call 734-232-4120 (leaving voice message is fine) and send two emails to 1/me (bmckinne@med.umich.edu) and 2/Amy Schroer, our new Librarian/Manager (alsc@umich.edu).

Emails and voice messages can be sent any time on previous days before your shift or no later than 8am the day you volunteer. Also, we appreciate when you plan in advance to schedule a day off. Thank you.

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2012 Update for UMHS Flu Policy and Flu Vaccine Clinics

For All Volunteers and Staff:
Everyone who volunteers at the UMHS must receive a flu vaccine by November 30, 2012, or will be required to wear a surgical or isolation mask for all face-to-face patient interactions or when entering patient rooms during flu season, which typically lasts several months.

Flu shots are free for both staff and volunteers. The below websites have additional information and a list of flu shot clinics. Please let us know if you have any questions.

UMHS 2012-2013 Flu Information – http://www.med.umich.edu/u/flu/

Flu Information for Employees http://www.hr.umich.edu/mhealthy/programs/occupational/ohs/services/influenza/employee-resources.html

UMHS Flu Vaccine Clinics – http://hr.umich.edu/mhealthy/programs/occupational/ohs/services/influenza/flu-clinics.html

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