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January 30, 2009

Volunteer uniforms for iPod Squad

Dear iPod Squad volunteers,

If you have not recieved a uniform during your processing or orientation with volunteer services, please ask for a uniform when you next check in at the volunteer services office. Ask them for the jacket style royal blue uniform. The Cardiovascular Center would like all iPod Squad volunteers to wear the uniform when they go on their rounds so patients and families recognize that you are volunteering your time to provide this service for them.



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January 29, 2009

Changes to the iPod Squad proceudures

Dear volunteers,

It has been almost a week since we started our iPod Checkout program. It seems like it will be a great success! thank you for helping us with the implementaion and delivery of this program.

One of the lessons we learned this week is that at the CVC the same student may be visiting the inpatient and outpatient areas. Therefore we will make a few changes to the carts: both will be identical and invlude the inpatient and outpatient checkout forms and all other supplies.

The students should coordinate with each other which floors they will visit in the building - just to make sure that they don't approach the same people twice. Please coordinate this before you start going on your rounds.



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Welcome to our new MWRC blog,

This will be our communication tool: a central place to update our staff on the MWRC operations.

Please check the blog at the beginning on each shift.
iPod Squad volutneers should also check the blog, but only need to look at the iPod Checkout Program entries.

Thank you all for volunteering with us. You time and effors are essential to the resource center.


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