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November 19, 2009

Massage Therapy Back in the CVC (eBrief Update)

Massage Therapy Back in the CVC
The chair massage therapy program is available again in the CVC-MWRC starting this Friday, November 20, from 11 am-2:00 pm. Chair massages are available for patients, staff and guests. Call 232-5029 to schedule an appointment or just walk-in.

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Go Blue Goes Green (from CVC-eBrief)

Go Blue Goes Green
University of Michigan is making efforts to cut down on energy usage and change practices to become more environmentally conscientious.

Here are some simple steps to take which add up to a big difference:
1. When you leave a room and won’t be returning for a bit, turn off the lights. This includes the bathroom, break room, conference rooms, and your office.
2. Implement paper-reducing strategies such as printing on both sides of the paper and re-using
3. Bring a sweater and leave it at work so it is available on chilly days.
4. To reduce the amount of trash, stop using throw-away cups, plates and utensils. Ask everyone to bring in a reusable cup from home, a reusable plate, or even a set of eating utensils to reduce the amount of plasticware thrown away each day.

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Temporary Liaison Services Librarian

Update from CVC-eBrief
Jean Song is the new Temporary Liaison Services Librarian to the CVC.
Whitney Townsend, Liaison Services Librarian to the CVC, is on maternity leave. Whitney’s colleague, Jean Song, will take over her CVC office hours. Jean will be at the CVC on Thursdays from 9:00 am – 10:00 in conference room 2531 which is the same room where Whitney held her office hours. Jean also is available to meet at
other times by appointment. She can be reached at jeansong@umich.edu. Whitney plans on returning in February 2010.

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State of the CVC Presentation

State of the CVC Presentation (from CVC-eBrief)
On October 8, the first ever “State of the CVC” was presented in the CVC’s Danto Auditorium. The presentation focused on creating the ideal patient experience, enhancing innovation, enhancing the health of our community, and creating the future. The full presentation can be viewed at:

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CVC-MWRC iPod Updates

We're closed Thanksgiving/Thursday and Friday, 11/26-11/27 (and weekend).

Please contact me if you're interested in volunteering next semester, Winter 2010. If yes, please let me know your availability. Per the Academic Calendar, registration dates are below.

Under Graduate Students, 11/30 - 12/14/2009
Graduate Students, 11/23 - 11/25/2009

Thanks for your help. Your good work is appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving, Beverly

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November 02, 2009

New Temporary Visitor Guidelines in our health system

Dear volunteers
Please review the temporary visitor guidelines.
I put the flyer on the bulletin board.

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