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June 16, 2011

Calling in when you will be absent- updated procedure

In anticipation of Beverly's upcoming vacation, I've updated the MWRC procedure to follow if you are going to be absent from your shift. This procedure can also be found in the Emergency Plan for Absences procedure page.

Here's the new procedure to follow:

Volunteers: If you are unable to come in to work your scheduled shift, please call the reference phone, 734-232-4120. If a person does not answer, please leave a message. In addition, please email both Beverly and Alexandra to let us know you will be out. asarkozy@umich.edu bmckinne@umich.edu

In case of last minute absences for full-time staff our phone tree is as follows:

Beverly will contact Alexandra by phone or by email.

Alexandra will contact Elsie. Elsie will then contact Beverly to let her know Alexandra is out. Volunteers will contact the Wellness Resource Center and leave a message 734-232-4120, and send an email to both Beverly and Alexandra asarkozy@umich.edu bmckinne@umich.edu

Posted by asarkozy at June 16, 2011 10:55 AM


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