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June 14, 2011

Emergency Preparedness Plan and Communications

It's important to be prepared for emergencies- whether a weather emergency, an electrical failure, or any other type of system failure, we at MWRC need to know what to do when our usual means of communication and movement through the building are compromised. In order to ensure that staff and volunteers are prepared for an emergency, I will be posting resources to this intranet, and also going over emergency plans on an individual basis with staff and volunteers, so that we all know what to do (or where to look for instructions) in the event that we need to use emergency procedures and communication channels.

Emergency fire and safety information are posted and are always available in my office in the MWRC. I invite you to review these resources and make yourself aware of emergency exits and evacuation plans for the Center.

UMHS has compiled a list of helpful resources available online at:

In the event of system failures, here is a list of contacts and procedures that have been established by UMHS:


Watch this space for a formal emergency response policy and procedure in the weeks to come.

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