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September 02, 2011

After hours driver's license procedure change

Good afternoon,

MWRC and Public Safety have worked together to develope a new policy for driver's licenses that are not picked up from MWRC by 5pm.

Here is the new procedure for cases where an outpatient tech device is not returned and a driver's license remains at MWRC after 5pm.

1. A sign is placed on both front/side door to state that the driver’s license may be retrieved by calling security (6-7890) and the nearest house phone is located by the service entrance.
2. A call is made to alert Security 6-7890 that:
a. Driver’s license was left at MWRC
b. Security may be called to retrieve it.
3. The driver’s license box is left on the MWRC reception desk with a form/note security can use to indicate they gave license to patron and picked up device. If preferable, instead of a note, Security could leave a voicemail at 24120 (MWRC #) to say that you’d retrieved license and device left.
4. Security can leave device on reception desk – it is not viewable from outside and doors to the MWRC are locked with no access after hours. FYI, because of the Gift Shop merchandise, the policy is for cleaning to occur during the day time when the MWRC is open.
5. If the patron does not call about the driver’s license, our staff will follow up the next working day.

Thanks, Alexandra.

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