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January 21, 2013

CVC Tech Squad 2013

Please see below information posted to the MWRC MBlog - http://mblog.lib.umich.edu/MWRC/.

Welcome back for the Winter 2013 semester, and thank you for volunteering with us. Your volunteering helps to make our Tech Program a success.

Re: Absences.
All absences should be reported before 8am the day of your shift or earlier if possible. Please do both - call and email, 734/232-4120 (leaving voice message is okay), and email both Beverly and cc: Amy Schroer (our new Librarian manager) at bmckinne@med.umich.edu and alsc@med.umich.edu. All absences can be made up on the same day at a different time or subbing for someone else a different day. Below are calendar and contact info on the CVC-MWRC intranet. Thank you. Beverly

Volunteers contact information
Tech Squadl (iPod) Squad volunteers calendar

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