November 28, 2012


Thank you for all of your great help; we appreciate the good work you do for us.

Re: Absences. Please do both, call 734-232-4120 (leaving voice message is fine) and send two emails to 1/me ( and 2/Amy Schroer, our new Librarian/Manager (

Emails and voice messages can be sent any time on previous days before your shift or no later than 8am the day you volunteer. Also, we appreciate when you plan in advance to schedule a day off. Thank you.

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September 02, 2011

After hours driver's license procedure change

Good afternoon,

MWRC and Public Safety have worked together to develope a new policy for driver's licenses that are not picked up from MWRC by 5pm.

Here is the new procedure for cases where an outpatient tech device is not returned and a driver's license remains at MWRC after 5pm.

1. A sign is placed on both front/side door to state that the driver’s license may be retrieved by calling security (6-7890) and the nearest house phone is located by the service entrance.
2. A call is made to alert Security 6-7890 that:
a. Driver’s license was left at MWRC
b. Security may be called to retrieve it.
3. The driver’s license box is left on the MWRC reception desk with a form/note security can use to indicate they gave license to patron and picked up device. If preferable, instead of a note, Security could leave a voicemail at 24120 (MWRC #) to say that you’d retrieved license and device left.
4. Security can leave device on reception desk – it is not viewable from outside and doors to the MWRC are locked with no access after hours. FYI, because of the Gift Shop merchandise, the policy is for cleaning to occur during the day time when the MWRC is open.
5. If the patron does not call about the driver’s license, our staff will follow up the next working day.

Thanks, Alexandra.

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August 16, 2011

New Infection Control Procedures

Good afternoon everyone! I have some updates to our infection control procedures used on the iPods, iPads and laptops that we lend to patients in UMHS and at the CVC. Last week, Elsie, Beverly and I met with Melissa Thakur, an infection control specialist, to make sure that our laptop, iPad and iPod cleaning process was robust enough to make sure that our devices would not be the source of disease transmission at UMHS. While most of the process will stay the same, I wanted to share a few notable differences that came out of the conversation. I will also update the procedures on the MWRC intranet for reference.

1. The biggest change is that from now on, in addition to wiping down the surfaces (i.e., countertops) on which we clean the laptops/iPods at the beginning of the shift, we now wipe down that surface each time we clean a laptop/iPad/iPod. So let's say you set a "dirty" laptop down on the counter to get ready to clean it. You then clean it with a Lysol wipe, and before setting it back down on the counter, wipe the surface of the cabinet to make sure you are putting a "clean" device on a "clean" surface.

2. Contact precautions procedure changes: There are two changes to share about handling devices that were used by patients under contact precautions. Firstly, according to Melissa, all items removed from the room of a patient under contact precautions are supposed to be wiped down by nursing staff before leaving the room. To be sure, we will also continue our practice of wiping down devices used by patients under contact precautions with bleach wipes. The main change will be that we will no longer wipe the screens of laptops with bleach wipes. Since patients do not usually touch the screens of the laptops in the course of regular use, the risk of transmitting infection via the screen is low. In addition, I will be ordering Virex for the iPods and iPads, as bleach is counter-indicated for touch screen devices and can damage the screens. Continue using the bleach wipes on iPods and iPads until the Virex arrives.

3. Another note about contact precautions: Always bring devices used by patients under contact precautions back in a fresh clear bag with a "Contact Precautions" sticker on it. Make sure your cart is stocked with a couple of clean clear bags and a sheet of "Contact Precautions" stickers. This will ensure that the "dirty" devices don't touch anything "clean" in the PERC before the device gets cleaned.

These are the changes we've made to our procedures. If you have any questions at all, please ask Beverly or myself.

And to all our volunteers who are leaving us for the rest of the summer, and who may or may not be returning in the fall, thank you for your hard work!

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June 16, 2011

Calling in when you will be absent- updated procedure

In anticipation of Beverly's upcoming vacation, I've updated the MWRC procedure to follow if you are going to be absent from your shift. This procedure can also be found in the Emergency Plan for Absences procedure page.

Here's the new procedure to follow:

Volunteers: If you are unable to come in to work your scheduled shift, please call the reference phone, 734-232-4120. If a person does not answer, please leave a message. In addition, please email both Beverly and Alexandra to let us know you will be out.

In case of last minute absences for full-time staff our phone tree is as follows:

Beverly will contact Alexandra by phone or by email.

Alexandra will contact Elsie. Elsie will then contact Beverly to let her know Alexandra is out. Volunteers will contact the Wellness Resource Center and leave a message 734-232-4120, and send an email to both Beverly and Alexandra

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May 27, 2011

Patient Health Information (PHI) and the MWRC fax machine

The UMHS Compliance office has seen an increase in privacy incidents to mis-dialing of fax numbers. Misdirected faxes can result in a reportable HIPAA privacy violation, and we are encouraged to take steps to prevent this from happening.

To address this issue, we are taking the following steps:

1. When faxing information within UMHS, it is best to dial the 5-digit UMHS number rather than dialing 9+7+ten-digit number. When in doubt, dial 9+7+ten-digit number.

2. I've posted easy-to-read instructions on the back wall next to the fax machine about UMHS policies regarding fax machines and PHI. Please refer to this and/or ask me if you have any questions.

3. Reporting of misdirected faxes: if you send or receive any misdirected faxes containing PHI, please submit a Disclosure Log at

More information about PHI and the Compliance office is available at

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May 25, 2011

New Circulation Form

A new Circulation Form has been uploaded to the Forms section of this site. The new form reflects the addition of the Depression Center to the network of Resource Centers at UMHS. Welcome, FDERC!

I've removed the old form from the site; please use only the new form going forward when checking materials out to patients and families.


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September 23, 2009

When to Stay Home

This message is for both MWRC Staff and volunteers.

Hello Volunteers:

Please review the following University Policy regarding when you should stay home and when it is okay to come in and perform your duties.

It’s important to take care of yourself, recover and protect others from unnecessary exposure to the flu. If you have a fever of 100.4 F or greater, plus a cough or sore throat and possibly other symptoms like chills, body aches or vomiting, you should notify your supervisor that you are ill and stay home. For most, this means staying home until the fever is gone for at least 24 hours.

Please let me know if you need additional clarification. Stay Well!


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September 02, 2009

Lets fight the Flu!

Dear Volunteers,

In preperation for the flu season we will implement a new infection control policy at the MWRC:

Visitors are asked to sanitize their hands before they use a computer. Please note the new poster on the MWRC counters.

Voluneers: please sanitize your hands and clean the phone, keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and counter area near the computers with a wipe at the beginning of your shift.

Please help us to win the fight against the flu. This U-Tube video is great to "get with the spirit" :)

Thank you very much for your cooperation.


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