October 26, 2009

Class Blog

Participants will make a blog entry as part of this workshop. If preferred, this can be done as a joint project among several participants. To gain access to the blog, please send a message to Lee Ridley (ljridley@umich.edu).

Instructions for making an entry into the blog are below:

Writing in Blogger

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October 24, 2009

American FactFinder Exercises

Choose the exercises below that interest you - either by topic or by the geography they cover:

Measuring Poverty: Which cities have the highest poverty rates in 2008?
Warning: ACS Data Quality
Census Tracts: Using data from the 2000 census to examine vacancy in the Cleveland metro area
Bulk downloads of zip code data to examine racial differences in median income in the United States
Testing Significance of Economic Change in a State or Metropolitan Area
Downloading Data for all Places in a State to Look at Economic Change

Excel Tip Sheet

"College town 'poverty' exposed"
Stephen Koff and Bill Sloat | Cleveland Plain Dealer
September 17, 2006

Looking at Poverty with ACS Summary Data

Exercises from a Quantitative Reasoning Class
Looking at Current Events (circa 2005)
Guide to Looking at Current Events

Data Consultant (circa 2007)
Guide to Data Consultant
Excel file [A03 Iraq War Deaths.xls]

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October 20, 2009

PDQ Exercises

Six Examples presented by Ren Farley
PDQ Examples from the Seeded Scenarios

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