October 23, 2009

Using PDQ Explore

PDQ Explore is software that allows users to create and analyze queries across millions of records in seconds, and quickly refine and adjust those queries interactively.

Getting Started with PDQ
Using PDQ Software Technical requirements, installation and a few example queries
PDQ-Explore installation (readme file)
PDQ Help

PDQ Software
Zip file

Note: The contents of the zip file should be put in C:\Program Files\pdq

Directory link (download specific files):
explore.exe, EXPLORE.INI, ipacs08.pdqCodebook, and ipacs08.pdqCustomItems

These files should be downloaded to c:\Program Files\pdq. Direct links to these files are below:

PDQ Explore Guides
Basic Query Window
Saving and Exporting Your Work
Displaying Your Results in the Expert Query Window
Universe Selection: Using Comparison Operators
Cross-Tabulations: One- Two- or Three-Way Tables
Summary Statistics: Means, Standard Deviations and Ranges
Quantiles and Medians
Simple Recoding Using Arithmetic Operators
Weighted Data
Recoding with Custom Item Window
Obtaining Correlations
Extracting Data for Statistical Analysis

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