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February 28, 2006

not the best day

So today I got some sad news. my good friend dusty's dad died this afternoon from pancreatic cancer. too sad. So I decided I am going to head back to boston to spend time with dusty and make it to the funeral. The sad thing is you see soo many marraiges that don't work but dusty's parents marraige really worked and look what happened.

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February 27, 2006

happy birthday Abby

hey today's my roommates birthday. happy birthday to abbs.
Well today in toronto I played with model magic with my little sister who is 2 for three hours. good times. everything I made, she would squish. she thought that was so funny. I am excited to see my dad for dinner.

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February 26, 2006

in toronto

so I headed back with the fam to toronto. the drive was long and I watched dora the explorer for 4 hours. Now I know all the songs, I have to say that I love Dora. It is a wonderful show teaching kids spanish and it has great characters. love it.

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February 25, 2006

traveling around michigan

so today my dad, stepmom, and little sister are in town! it is a lot of fun. What is especially cool is that my cousin claire is on the synchronized skating team at the University of Wisconsin. So she was competing in her nationals event in grand rapids.
So things that are neat:
1. explored outside of Ann Arbor
2. saw claire
3. saw a skating competition!!
4. I am on break!!

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February 24, 2006

stuffed up

Im trying to write a paper right now and I keep on getting distracted because I have to blow my nose or lie down. A fever, a cold, and I have to write a paper. Not feeling too great and not an awesome combination of things. On a higher note, I now own all seasons of the Wonder Years (the greatest show of all time) I don't think I could be any happier. The Wonder years is by far my favorite television show of all time. I just love it. Winnie and Kevin, could it get any better? Sometimes I wish I had lived in the 60s like them. things seemed to just be simpler. enjoy break.

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February 23, 2006

almost there

the red sox trades are killin me. The team cant loose anyone else. but the new guys are lookin good. Spring break is on its way!!

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February 22, 2006

wonder years has arrived

wonder years has arrived! the dvds are here. I am addicted already. man I really dig kevin arnold. he is too cute. This is a good thing but also could be a very bad thing. I am slacking on my work, gotta step it up.

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February 21, 2006

clay problem

I think it is a problem when I come to work for class so early and I can hardly function. It seems like I would be much more productive if I started arounnnd 10? Yesterday I came to clay and was a complete zombe (spelling?) So I was glazing my piece using the air brush type things and then some of it shot up and went into my eye! So that hurt and then as I was trying to take the glaze out, my contact lense fell out and because I am practically blind without it, it was never found. Then I woke up this morning with a bloodshot eye from getting that glaze in it.
So in conclusion, class starts too early.

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February 20, 2006


So anyone who hasn't heard of this should right now while reading my blog:
It is a club on campus called DoRAK and it stands for Do Random Acts of Kindness. Basically it is there just to make your day. Students get together and do random, but very kind things for others. I love it.

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spring break

so my dad is going to come to ann arbor for the first few days of my spring break. That should be fun and it will be nice to see him. Unfortunately though this means I will not be heading out to New Orleans for Mardigras with my sister but maybe next year. I need to see my dad, it has been a long time.

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February 19, 2006

ej's birthday

happy 19th to my friend elana. 19 on the 19th. It is her golden birthday. I sent her a beatles themed card! I hope she likes it!

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February 18, 2006

saw a show

I went to see a show tonight. I actually completely forget the name of it. But I can't help thinking that maybe one day these people acting in these shows might be famous. hey? it could happen (as the say in angels in the outfield)

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February 17, 2006

friday, friday, fridays

nice relaxing day. I babysat this morning made some money. Fridays I like to not schedule anything until after 11AM. Get my sleep in. After those thursday night lectures are over, I know I can kick back and relax.

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February 16, 2006

a good day

today was a nice but a loooong day. Thursdays are always hard to get through but once I do I am overjoyed! Because here comes friday. good old relaxing friday sweet and simple, my TGIF. Probably every friday boy meets world goes through my mind. I remember those friday nights when all that was on our minds was if Tapanga would forgive Cory for cheating on her. Or what mr. feeny was up to. Friday nights on ABC were TGIF no questions asked.

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February 15, 2006

don't tell me

I hate when I am napping and my roommate tells me it is time to wake up. In theory I think it might be nice but for some reason it bugs me so bad. It's like she thinks I am a complete space cadet. I have been working in the clay studio every night until 2AM and then doing more work after that. And of course when I am home she is asleep or talking with her boyfriend and she has nerve to tell me to wake up from a nap? may sound silly but it is driving me crazy...

also waiting for a reference in the mail for the summer camp I will be working at this summer and have not received it. the application was due today. uh oh, I hope they will still be hiring.

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February 14, 2006

valentine's day

so valentines day was the best one yet.
It was the DoRAK (do random acts of kindness) day on the diag. we called it the dorak love shak. We handed out carnations and candy and danced on the diag. It was wonderful. Than that night I babysat. I figured if I am not dating anyone and not going out to dinner with anyone, I should at least be making money!! So I made around $30 and they gave me a valentines box of chocolates. it was so nice.

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February 13, 2006


so it has been a while since I have updated I will catch up tomorrow. tonight was fun. Two friends came with me to do clay until 2AM. Only good friends come that late just to keep you company.

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February 12, 2006

breakfast at taco bell

today in south carolina we went to taco bell for breakfast. I had never been there. It is not my favorite of fast foods but their apple pies were delicious. going home today back to ann arbor. I will miss the sun

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February 11, 2006

still in good old sc

so today we went shopping in downtown in charleston. The South is SO different from the midwest and completely different from the east coast. Everyone's dressed in pink shirts and khakis. We went into a hawaii themed store and I asked the woman if she goes to hawaii to get all of her things. And she answered by telling me that she got them all on the internet. it was funny. had to be there. aloha

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February 10, 2006

sunny south carolina

So here I am in South Carolina. Beautiful. I went for a run today and I couldn't believe I was wearing a t-shirt. The air felt great and I wore a skirt to go out to dinner. We went to a place called Melting Mushrooms and dressed in 80s clothes. It was a great time for all. For emma's birthday I drew a portrait of her. she loved it. So fun here, it is hard to believe that they have no classes, grades, homework. she is in the americore and doing community service all the time.

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February 09, 2006

birthday baby

Happy Birthday Emms.
my best friend is 19 today and I am going to visit her in south carolina to celebrate. so excited!! 19 is getting close to 20. I can;t believe how time goes by. too fast sometimes.

life happens when you're busy making other plans.

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February 08, 2006

condom stress balls

Funny story tonight...
my friend needed to make stress balls for her class so we decided to make them from balloons and sand, but she couldn't find sand or big balloons, so she bought water ballons and melting salyd. We made a mess! but eventually thought of the idea of using condoms. worked out well.

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February 04, 2006

easy money

Tonight I babysat for a little boy. I came over at 5 he went to bed by 7:30 and the parents came home at 10. Easiest $40 I ever made and I got to watch movies. It couldn't get better!

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February 03, 2006


Tonight I went to go see my friend Aidan and my roommate Abby in a dance performance. Both of them were amazing! The best part was after the performance aidan and I went out with his parents to dinner. So fun, I love meeting parents it gives you a whole other perspective on your friends/ where they come from.

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February 02, 2006

the weekend!

Feeling relaxed and happy and tomorrow is TGIF. Wednesday was probably one of the hardest days of my life I did not think I would make it through. But the one thing that always keeps going is time. So here i am tomorrow is friday and no classes, yes! I got a letter form one of my friends today who is out of the country what a nice surprise. I don't know how to send a letter back to her though. Well it is time to enjoy me weekend and not think about what is due next week (the class website!) I actually am excited for it. I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to do.
Also, I just got a call informing me that I am entered in a sweepstakes to win a Jeep/$25000/or a trip to Hawaii. Not bad huh? I hope I win, doubtful but it doesn't hurt to hope.

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February 01, 2006


So I had an idea for my website so I went to search for fonts. WOW so many awesome fonts out there. I have so many ideas with what to do with them. Sometimes the internet just blows my mind. You really can find anything. I can't imagine going through college without it. It just makes life so much easier. For instance the other day, having class online made me think...is it possible to conduct a whole semester just online? I guess so. It could happen. It would change college as we know it. Could I go to the University of michigan from my hometown on my computer in Massachusetts? It is weird to think about these things. The other day I was discussing with my uncle how eventually video stores and even netflix will be completely out of business because everyone will just be downloading movies online just like we are downloading music online. But I have no doubts that movie theatres will make it through. Everyone likes to go to the movies.
Wow technology where will it go next?

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