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March 23, 2010

Copyright infringement advisory illegal art

State of the union: Bryan Boyce combines unauthorized CNN footage of George W. Bush with clips from The Teletubbies ; Puppy love: This improvisational short, starring a bull terrier named Punchie, was created in the offices of the Modern Humorist ; Gimme the mermaid: Disney animator Tim Maloney created this new short for Negativland using his employer's equipment after hours ; Natural thing: video collage from Paul Harvey Oswald, a collective based in Rockford, Illinois ; Black thunder: parodies of political advertising are composed of found footage ; Buy me: For this surreal meditation on consumer culture, D. Jean Hester recorded images from fast-food and automotive commercials ; Barbie's audition: Gibbons' darkly comic take on the Hollywood casting couch was rejected by Sundance lawyers ; Superstar: The Karen Carpenter story: portrays the life of Karen Carpenter and her battle with anorexia with Barbie dolls as the principal actors.

Askwith Media Library 46853-D

Artwork in the age of its mechanical reproducibility (Keith Sanborn) -- State of the union (Brian Boyce, 2001) -- Puppy love (Michael Colton, 2002) -- Giant steps (Michal Levy, 2001) -- Gimme the mermaid (Tim Maloney with Negativland, 2002) -- Natural thing (Paul Harvey Oswald, 2000) -- Black thunder (Brian Spinks, Bill Wasik and Eugene Mirman, 2001) -- GI joe PSAs (Eric Fensler) -- Buy me (D. Jean Hester, 2002) -- Untitled (Eileen Maxson, 2002) -- Barbie's audition (Joe Gibbons, 1995) -- Superstar: The Karen Carpenter story (Todd Haynes, 1987)

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