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April 07, 2010

Miss Mend

An action-packed adventure serial in three feature-length episodes, produced in Russia with the goal of rivaling, and possibly even surpassing, the most entertaining American movies of the 1920s. Instead of the avant-garde works of Sergei Eisenstein and Dziga Vertov, Russian audiences were enchanted by fast-moving American films starring serial queens like Pearl White, swashbuckling heroes like Douglas Fairbanks, and comedians from the Keystone Cops to Lloyd, Keaton and Chaplin. Based on a 1923 pulp novel allegedly written by the American "Jim Dollar" (actually the nom-de-plume of a Russian woman, Marietta Shaginian). The film's heroine, Vivian Mend, is an elegant urban professional who earns her own living and raises a child without the help of any man. Includes some pointed comments on labor relations, racism, excessive wealth, gratuitous violence and even rape.

Fantastic shot composition and film quality. Disc two special features include a behind-the-scenes discussion with music composer Robert Israel. ~Fantastic!

Askwith Media Library 51210-D

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