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May 19, 2010

Mechanical love

Tells the personal stories of people who in different ways enjoy a close relationship with a robot. Explaining the differences between a "humanoid" (a robot in the shape of a human being), an "android" (a robot that looks and moves like a human) and a "geminoid" (a copy of an actual human being), the film takes us from the high temple of robot technology, Tokyo, Japan, to Braunschweig in Germany, to Italy and back to Copenhagen in Denmark. This world tour highlights the human need for love and our craving to be loved by others, while examining the cultural differences in how we accept emotional robots in the East and the West.

One type of robot in this story is a baby seal. The seal is used to comfort elders in retirement homes. These homes can be lonely places and the elders who have the baby seal robots enjoy companionship and caring. "Roboticist" Hiroshi Ishiguro builds a creepy replica of himself and an even creepier one of his daughter. Both look very human and from a distance I don't think you can tell the difference. With Hiroshi and others like him it won't be long until some type of human/animal robot is as prevalent as the ipod in our daily lives. ~Mike

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Posted by mcmike at May 19, 2010 10:43 AM


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