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June 22, 2010


"Can be used by clergy, environmental activists, congregations, civic organizations, religious institutions, government agencies, scholars, theologians, and anyone concerned about environmental sustainability ... [to] engage people of faith in organized and individual environmental action, foster interfaith dialogue about environmental stewardship, [and] break down barriers between secular environmentalists and people of faith"
Additional material (ca. 110 min.) includes eight individual stories of community groups, and a photographic essay, all enhanced with material that does not appear in full-length documentary: A crime against creation -- Going green -- Food for faith -- Ancient roots -- Compassion in action -- Eco-justice -- Sacred celebration -- Interfaith power and light -- Nature meditations.

A variety of people coming together to work beyond their differences and find solutions, even though made in 2007 it seems improbable that diverse groups can reach common ground in 2010. ~Mike

Askwith Media Library 49350-D

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