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June 22, 2010

Tim Wise: on white privilege

"In this spellbinding lecture, Tim Wise ... offers a unique, inside-out view of race and racism in America. Expertly overcoming the defensiveness that often surrounds these issues, Wise provides a non-confrontational explanation of white privilege and the damage it does not only to people of color, but to white people as well. This is an invaluable classroom resource: an ideal introduction to the social construction of racial identities, and a critical new tool for exploring the often invoked - but seldom explained - concept of white privilege."
Introduction (3:07) -- The erasure of politics & culture (10:13) -- White denial (12:55) -- Unburdened by race (6:42) -- The creation of whiteness: how race was used to hide class (9:23) -- Privilege & pathology (11:17) -- Guilt & responsibility (3:30)

This is a very comprehensive lecture outlining the history of race identity in the USA. ~Mike

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