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March 28, 2011

Between Beckett and Brecht

Samuel Beckett explored the inner worlds of memory and existence, while Bertolt Brecht's energies were directed outward, toward politics and institutions. In this program, renowned theater director Sir Richard Eyre examines the work of those two dramatists and the impact they had both on playwrights and on the theater itself, beginning with the 1960s. Film clips and interviews with Harold Pinter, Peter Brook, David Hare, Edward Bond, Billie Whitelaw, Caryl Churchill, and Alan Bennett reveal an exuberant period in theater history that has seen form unconditionally surrender to dramatic expression.

Both artists respond to the complexities of human endeavor. This is an understated documentary, it touches on the impact Beckett and Brecht had on the history of theatre with their response to pre war modern society, the total war brought on by World War II and the post war devastation society had to understand and rebuild. ~Mike

Originally produced in 2000 as an episode of the BBC television program, Changing stages.

Askwith Media Library 37453-D 51 minutes

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