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March 28, 2011

The Koran -The Origins of the Book

"This enlightening documentary explores the origins of the Koran, which according to Muslim tradition, has remained static and unchanged since its revelation to the prophet Mohammed between 610 and 632 CE in Mecca and Medina. However, recent discoveries of Koranic manuscripts analyzed by scientists, dating from around 680--the oldest in the world--indicate that the Koran my have a more complicated history. During the first century of Islam, different concurrent versions of the holy book of Islam are believed to have existed and a number of different readings are possible due to the rudimentary nature of the writing in its early stages."

An insightful, historical perspective of the Koran. The historians, scientists and Muslim scolars demonstrate very deliberated care and consideration while on the path of discovery of the historic Koran. ~Mike

Released in 2010

Askwith Media Library 54451-D 52 minutes

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