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March 22, 2011

The love of money

In September 2008, capitalism looked like it was on the brink of collapse. This is the story of how the crash was caused, what happened, and how generations to come will be affected by its legacy. Part one examines when the collapse of Lehman Brothers plunged the world into financial crisis. The program includes never-before-seen footage shot inside Lehman's in the weeks leading up to the demise of the bank. Part two examines the boom years before the global financial crash of 2008. Testimony comes from many of the key decision-makers over the last two decades. Part three tells the story of how politicians throughout the world reacted, and asks what has been learned from the entire calamity... and could it happen again?

This is the most concise description of the lead up and failure of the world economic system.

Released in 2009

Askwith Media Library 53041-D
Three separate discs at 52 minutes each

Part 1. The |t bank that bust the world directed byGuy Smith --Part 2. The age of risk directed by Tim Robinson -- Part 3 Back from the brink directed by Paul Mitchell.

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