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April 08, 2011

Background to Danger

A United States agent posing as an American machinery salesman in Turkey, finds himself enmeshed in a maze of plots and counter-plots to draw neutral Turkey into the war on the Nazi side.

I am thinking that this might be one of those actor transition films, that is George Raft usually plays the crime villain in America crime movies in this film he is the hero. However with Sydney Greenstreet and Peter Lorre, Raft comes off as a weak Bogart-esque character. I could not help thinking of the Maltese Falcon.
The topic of allies during the war is never far away. Raft plays the American undercover agent while Lorre plays the Soviet agent. They work together to foil the Nazi plan. Showing the world that Americans and Soviets can get along to defeat a common enemy. ~Mike

Released in 1943

Askwith Media Library 53425-D 80 minutes

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