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April 07, 2011

Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler

Lang's first film featuring the arch-criminal Dr. Mabuse is also an allegory about Weimar Germany. Mabuse maintains his wealth through counterfeiting, manipulating the stock exchange and his ability to bend weaker minds to his will. In part one Mabuse builds his empire, and casually ruins Count Told while entrancing the thrill-seeking Countess. In part 2 Mabuse turns from criminal to villain, murdering the Count and kidnapping the Countess. Mabuse is finally captured in his own hideaway, consumed by Madness.

Pt. 1. The great gambler [Der Grosse Spieler] -- pt. 2. Inferno.

Excellent. ~Mike

Released in 1922

Askwith Media Library 33167-D 229 minutes

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