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April 19, 2011

Inside story

Program discusses where information technology meets everyday life, offering six self-contained stories within three specific themes: Chapter 1) Power and Privacy, includes "Privacy Threat" and "Power to the People," which looks at Data Mining, SPAM, Cookies, and Identity Theft; Chapter 2) Control and Security, includes "Security Gets Smarter" and "Copyright," which looks at code-makers, code-breakers or 'hackers,' Linux (open access code) and Watermarking; Chapter 3) Trust and Accuracy, includes "In Search of Truth" and "Accuracy Counts, " which looks at Freedom of Information and Safety-Critical software. The program concludes with a comprehensive six-point guide to ethical decision-making.

Chip Taylor Communications always offers quick insightful documentaries. This 30 minute DVD provides valuable information concerning the social and ethical issues we all face on the internet. ~Mike

Released in 2003

Askwith Media Library 53552-D

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