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April 08, 2011

Kilowatt Ours -A Plan to Re-Energize America

"Follow filmmaker Jeff Barrie as he searches America's cities, towns and countryside for solutions to the great energy problems of our day. Along the way you'll meet power companies, schools, businesses and everyday Americans finding ways to meet our energy needs using conservation and green power...Best of all, Kilowatt Ours will teach you how to dramatically reduce your own energy bill and improve the environment at the same time!"

The first half deals with the health and environmental problems we are facing by using too much coal and nuclear energy. The second half of the film offers very real solutions for reducing our consumption of energy on a personal level. The documentary also discusses how communities and companies can reduce their consumption.
I am very motivated by the excellent ideas and some very easy ways to immediately reduce our energy consumption. The options offered not only save energy, but also a lot of money for the consumer.~Mike

Released in 2008

Askwith Media Library 52606-D 52 minutes

Posted by mcmike at April 8, 2011 10:07 AM


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