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April 12, 2011

Plastic Planet

It is the Age of Plastic. It's cheap, practical, and everywhere. But is it dangerous? Viewers are taken on a journey around the globe, from the Moroccan Sahara to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, from a factory in China to the Alps to reveal the far-flung reaches of the plastic problem. Interviews with experts in biology, pharmacology, and genetics shed light on the perils of plastic to the environment and expose the truth of how plastic affects the body, and the health of future generations.

We are living in an age of risk. Our effect on this planet will be felt for generations even if we change immediately there is still a long way to go to heal the planet. We know this and it's a fact of life. But who doesn't use plastic? Who doesn't love it in one form or another? We use plastic for almost everything. I have benefited from the various designs and labor saving devices made with plastic. The concern in the documentary and our concern need to be the impact on the growth and health of our children and the offspring of wildlife. While gathered and thought of as food, fish and birds suffer when the mother feeds its’ babies plastic. Plastic also gets into the blood of humans and is passed through mother's milk to babies. Definitely something we all need to be concerned about. There has to be more options on how we deal with plastic waste and our usage of it. This documentary goes a long way to clarify some of the issues. ~Mike

Released in 2011

Askwith Media Library 54510-D 99 minutes

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