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April 06, 2011

The Red Riding Trilogy

"After a failed attempt to crack Fleet Street, a cynical journalist returns to his homeland of Yorkshire and finds himself assigned to report on the case of a local girl who has gone missing. But after her bizarrely mutilated body is discovered, he is thrown into a sleaze infested, nightmarish world of corruption. As the killer's identity remains a mystery, savage events spiral out of control, spanning generations and leading to a shocking climax".

Another great from British television. However you may need to activate the subtitles. ~Mike

Released in 2009
Based on the novels by David Peace.
Trilogy written by Tony Grisoni ; 1974 directed by Julian Jarrold ; 1980 directed by James Marsh ; 1983 directed by Anand Tucker.

Askwith Media Library 52000-D 3 discs 308 minutes

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