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May 10, 2011

Made in Dagenham

In 1968, the female workers at the Ford Dagenham car plant, walked out in protest against sexual discrimination. Their actions played a major role in the battle for equal pay, both nationally and internationally.

Touches on the "old boy network" of men. ~Mike

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The Last Outpost: Afghanistan

Tells the story of the U.S. effort to build up the Afghan Army, the only real exit strategy. Shot from the ground and on the frontlines, the film chronicles the war through the portrait of two Afghans and an American soldier in an embedded team of 130 Afghans. The two cinematographers-directors, Tim Grucza and Yuri Maldavski, spent one month and a half with the soldiers in a tiny outpost, by the Pakistan border, looking into Waziristan. Ultimately, the film is a look at the absurdity of the war and the impossibility of the fight. It will also explore the psychology, motivation and identity of two people fighting a common enemy but radically opposed in their cultures and ways of life.

Wow. ~Mike

Released in 2010

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May 09, 2011

The fall of womenland

A documentary on the unique sexual culture of the Mosuo people, a small minority situated in the southwest of China, and one of the last remaining matriarchal societies in the world. Without a formal marriage contract, the Mosuo traditionally build relationships based on free love and sexual satisfaction ("walking marriages"). But can the sexual liberty and power of the Mosuo women survive as modern Chinese society slowly encroaches their ancestral land? The film explores the present reality for the Mosuo people as well as the dangers that threaten their inherited way of life.

Encroaching modern society is plowing under many cultures. The best we can hope for is documentation before these cultures disappear. This is a very in depth look into the struggle of the local population. ~Mike

Released in 2009

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Segundo de Chomón , 1903-1912 :

el cine de la fantasía.

A series of short films. Outstanding films from Spain's early cinema.
Color tinting, hand painted frames and even a moving camera.~Mike

Released on DVD in 2010

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